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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Fertility Journal

As someone almost three years into the trenches that is infertility, reviewing The Fertility Journal for MotherTalk was a bit tough. Not tough like I didn't appreciate certain aspects of the book, but tough like I'm pretty far beyond some of this stuff and it's hard not to look at it with a cynical eye.

Taking that cynical eye out of the picture SOMEWHAT though, one of my favorite things about this book is that it's spiral-bound. While that may seem silly to a lot of people, if I'm going to WRITE in a book, I NEED it to be spiral-bound, cuz those bendy hard-bound regular-type books, well writing in them just doesn't work.

The problem with THIS book however, is it's far too big for my purse and way too blatantly PERSONAL for me to carry around. While I'm getting braver and braver about who I share my infertility stories with, I personally would not carry around a book with the word FERTILITY on the cover - not to work, not to a restaurant, not to the movies. And really, THOSE are the places infertiles get calls about things going on with their body, THOSE are the places where random fertility/infertility thoughts pop into our heads, THOSE are the places where it'd be super handy to carry around a notepad or journal that I could just whip out, write stuff in, and put away with nobody around me none the wiser what I was really writing about.

Overall, the book is set up really well. It's clean and white, it has lots of little BUBBLES full of fun FACTS and TIPS, and has a TON of space to write stuff down. However, I don't know if I'm blind or was just not looking in the right places, but I found it ODD that none of the little FACTS and TIPS referenced where they came from? Like on page 146, where it says 85% is the number of patients who can be treated successfully by an RE - really? Cuz those are NOT the numbers I've seen in my research.

And while the content on eating healthier, changing life habits, and ALLLLLL those other lovely things it is they recommend, IS in fact, very helpful to a TTC newbie, for me, even as a newbie, it wouldn't have been enough. Cuz for me, by the time I was ready to buy a book, I was 6 months in, and at 6 months in, I would've PLOWED through this content at lightning speed, and STILL been left hungry for more info.

Don't get me wrong, this book's a great start, but I think it would've suited some of my friends better, in that they were interested in tracking this "process" of TTC from day 1, so the pace of this book would've really worked for them. I on the other hand was in extremely strong DENIAL for the first 6 months that I'd EVER need help, and then when I managed to pull my head out of my ass and realize sometimes life ain't so simple, I was in what I'd liken to a feeding frenzy for info, and this book wouldn't have quelled my hunger.

So my thumbs are: One up, one down.

The Fertility Journal was created by Kim Hahn, the founder of Conceive Magazine, and Geoffrey Sher, the Executive Medical Director and co-founder of SIRM™.


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10 chiming in:

Lori said...

So, it sounds like this book really wasn't written for infertile people?

More for the people who decide to get pregnant in a certain month because they want to have their baby in another certain month?

I used to think I was one of those.

Control freaks.

Rachie Pachie said...

I actually received this "book" from the Paths to Parenthood conference in Florida last month. And I agree with you... I can't really do anything with it.

In case you know someone that may want the book, let me know. I can't use it & I'd be willing to ship it to someone that could use it.

chicklet said...

Lori, you're SPOT on as usual - maybe not for infertiles but newbies who think they can plan their dates. Like I once did...

Rachie Pachie, you might be onto something cuz this book is good for people who might be able to use it, for sure, just not for you and me. I may take you up on that.

Gabrielle said...

I SO hear you on the need for spiral bound. If I need to make a commitment to sharing some info - you better make it easy for me.

And based on your review and Rachie's own experiences with it - it does appear that those dealing with infertility issues are not the target audience, or at least weren't among the test audience for the publication.

Rachie Pachie, I would LOVE to hear about the Paths the Parenthood conference - how was it?

And dear Chicklet, would love to link to this helpful review. In fact, I'm gonna do it right now...

Lori said...

Gabrielle -- thanks for the link!

Kim said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks so much for your review! You all are correct, the target audience is women who are just beginning on their journey to parenthood.

All the best,

Ann said...

I just co-authored a book, entitled The Infertility Assistant, with a friend of mine which I hope is what you, and others, may be looking for. (It just went to press.) She went through 6 years of harrowing infertility treatment (as if there is any other kind) before becoming a mom. The difference is that our record keeper/ resource/organizer is specific to couples who are having an infertility issue (not fertile Myrtles). It is soft-cover spiral bound and has all 162 pages devoted to infertility diagnosis and treatment options and space to tailor the book to your needs (eg. Donor info,IUI, IVF, etc.). We muted the word "Infertility" and the cover can be completely folded back. The size is 7"x9.25". We have a website and you can contact us through the website for more information.

Lori said...

Hi, Ann.

We would love to know more about the book you mention.

If you happen to come back here, please let us know how to reach you.

Ann said...

Hello Lori,

The book should be available soon (it is in press). It can be pre-ordered now. If you'd like more information you can visit our website at . Hope that helps. Let me know what you think. You can contact me through the website.
Thanks, Ann

chicklet said...

Ann, I'll send you an email through the website to see how we can get hold of a copy for review.

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