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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Makeup For Your Blog

Have you ever surfed on over to your blog and thought, MEH?

Have you ever stared at it in wonderment, trying to figure out how the HELL you'd change it to be more YOU? Cuz that look you created when you first signed up, well it just isn't working anymore?

Have you ever thought, hell, *I* could change that, opened up both Photoshop AND Blogger, and spent hours and hours only to realize that Blogger will never REALLY let you change it how you want? Oh, and apparently, you also SUCK in Photoshop?

Well stop all that fiddle faddle (yes, I used the words fiddle faddle, and yes, I enjoyed it), and surf on over to Calliope, the new "it" girl in blogland. Cuz for a very affordable $20, this "it" girl can give you a new look in HALF the time it'd take you, with much less wine consumed. You know, if you're INTO consuming less wine...

As for the process, it's really quite simple. Kinda a 1-2-3 thing.
  1. Like visiting a Clinique counter when you're just not sure WHAT to do with your makeup anymore, Calliope will start you off with a few questions about yourself, and your blog. What colors do you like? Vs hate? Are there things about your current blog you DON'T like? Are there things you'd like to ACHIEVE with your new look? Or things you'll HAVE to be able to do still? And are there any other blogs or headers out there you secretly wish were your own?
  2. Next, she'll play around with colors. Mixing up a few of your favorites, she'll email you an idea or two she thinks she/you could work from. You'll then send her your honest feedback - either positive OR negative - and she'll go back and rejig your look until she's got it JUST right.
  3. Last, and what I think was MOST useful in this process, is she'll not only send you instructions on how to MAKE the changes, but she'll be very VERY available to help out when sometimes the user isn't so good with instructions, or the user finds their SPECIFIC blog has some "gotchas" in it that make it harder to make the changes.

Quick, painless, AND a very cool new look? That means two BIG thumbs up from me. Well, more like a whole HAND up from me, cuz for just a bit more mula, Calliope helped me build a whole new LOOK, not just a new header.

Look ma, my blog is HOT!


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4 chiming in:

Sheri said...

I appreciate your honest, informative and sometimes humorous reviews of products. The variety of products you review keeps me coming back for more information. I just have to check in and see what you are up to. Thank you!

Lori said...

You and Calliope ROCK. Although, I wonder. Is it possible to use her services (very affordable, by the way), AND keep drinking the wine?

Phoebe said...

Calliope did a great job on my header when I needed a new look! Check it out at:

Tales of the Phoenix

Lori said...

Sheri -- so glad you tune in to us. You are a good reviewer of reviewers.

Phoebe -- that is a spectacular header! Kudos to both you and Calli.

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