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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Five Faves (Running)

As a long-time, but not overly LONG-HAUL, runner, I've got five things I absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT run without. These five faves ALL get my two thumbs pointing way way WAYYYY up.

1. My iPod Shuffle. Seriously, without tunes, what the hell's the point? Well, I guess the point's to exercise this SMOOSHY butt off, but on some of those hills, my smooshy butt just CAN'T get it going, so my iPod Shuffle, it's there to give me that extra push I can't find on my own.

2. My Camelback. One of the things I personally struggle with is running indoors. I feel TRAPPED and BORED, and it just drives me CRAZY. Yet OUTSIDE, I really really MISS the damn cupholders those boring old treadmills provide. So my handy dandy camelback helps bring the convenience of INdoors OUTdoors.

3. The right running socks. Short version? I hate thick socks, HATE them. They make everything too squishy in my shoes, and instead of enjoying the VIEW, the EXERCISE, and the FRESH AIR, I spend all my time thinking how much I HATE MY SOCKS! Or at least that's what I USED to do until I found these. They're like magic, for my feet.

4 (and 5). The right headgear.

  • On normal or bright sunny days, I like a headband - it gathers the sweat up and stops it from dripping down my face. It's also got the added benefit of making me look just SLIGHTLY less disheveled if I need to stop into a grocery store and NOT have my hair standing up all over the place.

  • On RAINY days though, my dri-fit visor saves my life. Not just cuz it's a sweat-gatherer too, but cuz it keeps the rain OFF my face while not making me look like an absolute ugly fool. Plus it dries pretty fast when I get home.

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7 chiming in:

Anonymous said...

big camel back lovers here...everywhere we go someone is wearing it...zoo, friends house, park..everywhere..we have the 15 buck one from Sam's but it is wonderful...and it holds a ton of water and is ample for all of us...even the 3.5 year old likes to wear it

Lori said...

My husband would give up body parts if I would start running with him.

This review of these faves almost makes me want to take up running.


I might get me one of those cute headbands, though.

nancy said...

I'd have to agree with items #1-3. But I just can't do the headband. Well, back in 1975 I could. ~wink~

Love this blog you two!!!

PJ said...

You can run for me, I'll let 'cha! I'll sit on the sidelines with my glass of wine and cheer ya on. :)

ipods, what did we ever do without them?

Wordgirl said...


Oh I USED to do that -- and in fact as a bday gift just received that new IPod Nano & shoe device from Nike -- perhaps it will get me back out there.


Sheri said...

I love to run with an Ipod. Good songs tend to make for a good run. I prefer a hat to a headband -- to keep my hair back and the sun out of my eyes.

Lori said...

Nancy -- LOL. Images of Olivia Newton John getting physical.

PJ -- is that seat taken?

Wordgirl -- good luck with THAT.

Sheri -- see Nancy.

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