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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time to Shower

So I've got me this REALLY bad habit, of staying in the shower for hours and hours and HOURS. And when I say hours and hours and HOURS, I actually mean it. If I were allowed, and if I had NOTHING else to do for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure I'd just stay in the shower, for all time.

And it's not cuz I'm especially DIRTY (in either sense of the term), it's just that I like the shower. I like that I'm all alone in there and nothing else can bother me. I like that there's no DUTY or CHORES or anything hanging over me. I like that I can really really think, without even thinking at all. But mostly I like the hot water, cuz really, hot water running all over me, well that really may be one of my favorite things EVER.

But unfortunately, I'm a grown-up, and that means I have to WORK for a living - you know, to pay those damn bills. And working for a living means that at SOME point, I have to get OUT of the shower - something I struggle with, OFTEN. So to make sure that I really get to enjoy every last second possible in there, and to make sure I'm not suddenly three hours LATE for somewhere I need to be, I bought a shower clock - THIS shower clock.

And yea, to some of you the Zelco Aquatime Rope Clock might seem kinda boring, cuz it doesn't have a RADIO and it's not DIGITAL, and there's nothing very GADGETY about it, but the simplicity is exactly what I like about it.

I like that it's simply a CLOCK. If it were a CLOCK-RADIO, I'd spend half my time in the shower switching channels to listen to music that FIT my showering mood that day. Cuz starting my day off with the wrong music, could really RUIN everything.

I like that it's NOT digital, cuz in the morning, with no contacts in, there's no way in HELL I'm going to be able to see tiny digital numbers halfway across the shower while I'm trying to shave my beastly legs.

And I like that it hangs. I don't really know WHY this part appeals to me, but it does. Maybe cuz it's tidy and out of my way, maybe cuz it's like soap on a rope yet with much less scary connotations, I'm not sure. Either way, the HANGING portion, works.

So this clock, well, it's a big ol' two thumbs up again. Cuz while I may NEVER want to get out of the shower, having a clock IN the shower, does help me get the most out of my time in there.


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1 chiming in:

Lori said...

Ya know, I TOTALLY need a clock in the shower. Cuz I, too, can get lost in there. As you say, the shower is so undemanding.

Thanks for the tip!

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