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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mmmmmm Port

Way back when, I didn't used to drink wine. I didn't drink white wine, I didn't drink red wine, and there's no way in HELL you'd have convinced me to drink that wine-like THING they call Port.

And then came the husband, who's very MUCH a red wine drinker. Which as you know in relationships, turned ME into a red wine drinker. And then somehow TOGETHER, we became Port drinkers too.

But let's be clear here - we ain't wine snobs, we ain't gonna go all chatty about the SMOOTH finish or the HINTS of oak or whatever the hell it is wine snobs talk about. We're gonna talk about TASTE and COST. And when it comes down to TASTE and COST, we found a good cheapy that's actually quite impressive.

I introduce you to OUR fave, Whisker's Blake. And by fave, I mean, the one that's ALWAYS in the liquor cabinet for a quick hit, late-night, with some ever-so-yummy dark chocolate. By no means is this a fabulous port to SHOW OFF at your fancy schmancy dinner party, but by no means is it something you CAN'T serve to your friends.

Available for about $20 in Canada, when we serve up some Whisker's Blake, most of our friends have been quite SHOCKED that it's only $20. A great drink and a TOTAL steal - two very wobbly thumbs up from me.


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6 chiming in:

luna said...

I LOVE me some port and dark chocolate. all that really matters IS taste and cost. I'll have to look for that port here. thanks chicklet. though I doubt you're drinking port in cambodia...

Lori said...

I take it your thumbs are wobbly beCAUSE you've imbibed, and that this isn't a lukewarm endorsement.

I love the name, too. Gonna click on and get me some. They'd better deliver!

We can drink together, separated only by several states and one international boundary.

John said...

Hello! I wanted to drop you a quick message letting you know about a new Social Network for Adoptees, called

If you'd like any more information, feel free to contact me personally @ I'd love to discuss how we can work together!


Lori said...

I'll leave your link up, John.


Spicy Sister said...

my hubby loves his port - thanks for the recommendation!!!

chicklet said...

Lori, you're dead on. I'm wobbly cuz I drink too much:-)

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