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Monday, July 28, 2008

Repair My Hair!

While I hate to admit it, for awhile there, my hair got pretty damaged. Between washing it EVERY single day, blowdrying it EVERY single day, and tying it up in RATTY horrible hair ties whenever I was out running, my hair had fallen into dark dark days.

And while I was able to convince myself I was just having a "bad hair period" that I'd soon grow OUT of, my new hairdresser quickly put me in my place on visit numero uno. I think her words were, "Your hair feels like shit. We have to fix it.".

Humbly embarrassed and mildly ashamed, it didn't take much TWISTING of my rubber arm to sell me the most EXPENSIVE products she had in the store, reminding me that part of the reason my hair felt like SHIT was the cheap CRAP I was putting in it, the other part was my lack of attention to what my hair needed.

Off on my own to fix the SHIT that was my hair, I had three tasks:

1. Use Loreal's Absolut Repair Shampoo whenever I washed.

2. Use Loreal's Absolut Repair Masque whenever I washed.

3. Stop washing every day and buy some softer hair ties.

Two months later, I can happily say my hair is WAY softer, much less frizzy, and overall just hangs and behaves a WHOLE lot better. Admittedly I'm still washing it four times a week, and still blowdrying EVERY single one of those times, but that shampoo and conditioner have REALLY saved my hair.
Admittedly, they're also not cheap products by any means - they're more than I'd usually spend for SURE, but within just a few DAYS of using them, I started to see a difference. And within just a few WEEKS, I was getting compliments on my hair - something I hadn't heard in months.

Two definite thumbs up. Expensive but worth every penny.


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1 chiming in:

Lori said...

As Andi MacDowell says, "and I'm worth it!"

Very timely review. I just ran out of my Pureology and was looking for something new.

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