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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sassy Things

At All Thumbs, we're all about helping you buy better. Don't feel like researching the latest and greatest whozamawhatsit? Need to indulge yourself because of a very good or a very bad day? Don't know what to get your long-lost aunt for her birthday? Well look no further than our list of Sassy Things.

Sassy Things are our top 5 picks of "right now." This list is updated regularly, adjusting to our current mood, Visa balance, and abilities to steal the husband's wallet. Check back regularly!

Lori's Top 5

  1. Because I crave balance and flexibility in my life (to counteract the sassy), I'm listing YogaPaws, RescueGirl and YogaToes here. I continue to enjoy each of them.
  2. These wear anywear slippers are the epitome of sass (thanks to Kiki*C)!
  3. Two options for untangly earphones, equally sassy: chicBuds and EarBud Yo-Yos.
  4. My Card Cubby makes even my car sassy!
  5. I gave my mom a sassy charm to celebrate her 50th anniversary. If you've got a special day to comemmorate, check out gifts from Not Just Any Old Day.
Tami's Top 5
(coming soon)

Chicklet's Top 5

  1. This personalized Christmas stamp just feels like Christmas. Whether it's for a newly married couple, or a great big family, this stamp has that family feel that is what Christmas is all about.
  2. The Nike+iPod system. Whether you`re a runner who can`t get your groove back, or a runner who just wants to push yourself that extra step, the Nike+iPod is the IT thing all runners should have right now.
  3. Books. Lots and lots of GOOD books. Particularly powerful is First They Killed My Father.
  4. And of course, who can read a good book without a little yummy port to sip throughout the evening read...
  5. Last but not least, probably one of my FAVORITE purchases of all time - the Shower Clock. This thing is dirt cheap and a really weird little gift (for yourself OR others), but it will seriously save your ASS again and again and again.

For more sassy picks, available through Amazon or otherwise, follow through to Lori's picks, Tami's picks, or Chicklet's picks, or over to our All Thumbs Store.

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