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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fully Fertile (not me, the book)

I, chicklet, am an infertile myrtle, which means that I, chicklet, am a tough sell when it comes to fertility books. However, BEING an infertile myrtle also makes me a good CANDIDATE for fertility books, so when the kind folks at KT / PR & Literary Services approached me to review Fully Fertile, I jumped at the chance - and then I proceeded to IGNORE them for a month while I wandered through Asia.

Returning from my trip though, I was excited to see THIS in my mailbox. Partly cuz the skeptic in me was curious to see what the authors had to say about all the ways I probably had to RELAX to have a baby, partly cuz yoga's something I've honestly been debating for awhile (although, NOT for fertility), and partly because... well... at this point in my infertility, all fertility books are at least worth a quick perusal with a glass of wine.

Going through the book though, I'm honestly impressed. And not because they paid me to say that - they didn't, this is a freebie review - but because the book was personal, and there was a lot of attention to detail in this book I didn't expect. Yea, there's the usual song and dance about RELAXING and reducing stress, but I get that I'm 3 years into this infertility crap so ANY mention of RELAXING gets in my craw.

Moving away from my CRAW though, and BACK to Fully Fertile, the book includes everything from the author's personal stories about THEIR infertility journeys, to step by step instructions on how to do some of the yoga poses. And to go ALONG with the step by step instructions, they also have PICTURES for every one of those steps - which for a gimp like me, is essential in standing even a CHANCE at pulling this shit off in the comfort of my own home.

The other thing they do well is they cover not only the yoga poses and pictures, but they cover accupuncture, diet, exercise, attitude, sex, sleep, and more. While some of the areas are quite short and obviously not the FOCUS of the book, other areas like DIET, they provide some pretty good depth on, even going as far as a few tips for NOT cooking all the nutrients out of your food, ensuring the "health" food you're eating REMAINS health food by the time you're done with the pots and pans.

So all in all, I'd definitely recommend this book. However, I'd do so with a bit of a caveat. For a NEWBIE infertile, this book would be fabulous - it'd give you a good balance of all the things you might want to try, and pull in some new and interesting ways to exercise WHILE you try. For the veteran infertile like me however, the book is more useful for the details and pictures on YOGA than on the actual FERTILITY tips and tricks. It's not to say the book might not have HELPED me optimize my fertility, or might not even help me optimize my fertility NOW, it's just to say that I, this far into this misadventure, know that I'm no longer in a place where I want to optimize my fertility. I just wanna do yoga!

Want to win Fully Fertile? Click on any of the links provided in this post, find out the names of all THREE authors, and come back to All Thumbs to comment in your answer. All comments entered by August 29th with correct answers, will be put into a hat. The husband (mr chicklet) will be blind-folded, spun around 10x, shoved back and forth, and then spun around 10 more times the OTHER way, before being asked to pull a winner. The winner will be announced Monday September 1st 2008. Good luck!


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7 chiming in:

Lori said...

Have the vomit bucket ready for Mr Chicklet!

Sounds like a book even *I* would pick up.

vandygrl said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I would love to get my hands on a copy!

by Elisabeth Heller, Tami Quinn and Jeanie Lee Bussell.

vandygrl said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I would love to get my hands on a copy!

by Elisabeth Heller, Tami Quinn and Jeanie Lee Bussell.

Tally said...


I'm over here from LFCA... While I am 5 years into this infertility thing, I have yet to read a single book about (in)fertility!

Poor Mr. Chicklet, though!! Sounds like a rough ride...

Elisabeth Heller (Author), Tami Quinn (Author), Jeanie Lee Bussell (Author)

Rebecca said...

Wow...wouldn't just a blindfold be enough? Poor poor Mr. Chicklet! Love to get in on this.

by Elisabeth Heller, Tami Quinn and Jeanie Lee Bussell.

Kim said...

Sounds like fun for Mr. Chicklet!

by Elisabeth Heller (Author), Tami Quinn (Author), Jeanie Lee Bussell (Author)

m said...

I am so glad you guys liked this book too. I received a copy to review for my other blog and I fell in love with it. mostly because if felt like a book that went beyond fertility and into general wellness. Now that it seems like I very well may be knocked up, I'm still going back to the chapters on prana and chi and keeping my mind right and absolutely still stealing peeks at the nourishing yoga pose pictures.

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