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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Lighting That Wasn't

Two years ago, the husband and I bought a place - a place with outdoor space. And while I was all excited about the potential to sit outside and drink wine, without having to worry about being ARRESTED for being intoxicated in public, I was also all excited about the gardening and the lighting and the furniture and all the FUN NEW THINGS I'd get to buy for OUTDOORS!

So as time's gone on, I've got to buy all these FUN NEW THINGS. I've planted a million plants, I've ripped up hundreds of others, and I've found all SORTS of fun girl-sized shovels and rakes, but the one thing I haven't found yet is lighting.

Well... actually, I HAVE found lighting, I just don't like the lighting I purchased.

You see, I purchased six of these Hampton Bay Solar Lights, and unfortunately, they don't work worth a damn. I know solar lights are EXTREMELY fussy about the amount of light they get in order for them to be able to GIVE any back, but seriously, DUDES, these things don't even give ANY light, ever!

So for three long summers and two long years, I've had these things planted all OVER my outdoor space. I've even gone so far as to watch the sunlight during the day to see EXACTLY where the perfect location would be for these suckers, and yet even when they're planted there, NOTHING, NODDA, ZIP, ZILCH.

On the bright side (no pun intended), they were easy to plant, and I do mean PLANT, cuz you just dig a spot and plunk 'em in, and they were really cheap to buy. But next time, I'd definitely do more research and just spend whatever was needed to make sure I got something that actually LIT UP my outdoors.

All in all, two thumbs down.


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2 chiming in:

luna said...

let me know when you find some good ones. I sat at the store for like an hour one time trying to decide which ones would be best (i.e., not too ugly, not too bright but just light enough, wireless, etc.). needless to say I walked out empty-handed...

Lori said...

If you've got $115 USD and some sunshine, try these:

We've been really happy with them.

But then, we live in an incredibly sunny place. My disposition notwithstanding.

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