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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who is a fit mother?

You might think, on 8/08/08, that "8" would be the auspicious number.

But yesterday morning at 8:08 am Tessa picked "11" out of a hat.

And the winner of the first All Thumbs giveaway, the book Fit Mama by Stacy Denney and Kate Hodson, is Mrs Spock, proud mama of 3 month old J. She, along with the other entrants, is a fit mother. And she will soon have the book to help her out.

Mrs Spock has agreed to let us know her take on the book and how it contributes to her becoming more of a Fit Mama. When she posts there, we'll link here.

While the cover price is about $15, you can get the book for less than $12 here .

Many, many thanks to Julia, Heather, Kaci, Spicy Sister, Meghan, Denise, Jen, Nancy, Orodemniades, Shelby, Tracy, and Megan (sorry about the vomitus dance-flarius). We appreciate your participation immensely.

More giveaways are planned in the coming weeks, so bookmark us and keep checking in. We post reviews regularly on Mondays and Thursdays.


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1 chiming in:

MrsSpock said...

Whoo hoo! Thank you so much. I will post a review once I get the book.

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