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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Magazines then and now

(A departure from our usual advice-based posts.)

My 20s. These are the magazines you could find in the 1980s on my cable-spool coffee table (just kidding about the trailer decorating, but not much):

  • Glamour (loved the Glamour Don'ts)
  • Soap Opera Digest (aaack. Back when I had time to care about the Young & the Restless)
  • Us (to keep up with Knots Landing and thirtysomething gossip)
Hip (somewhat), yet shallow.


My 30s. The selection you'd find on my particle-board laminate:

  • Shape (I exercised by osmosis while reading it on the futon and downing a pint of Cherry Garcia)
  • Cosmopolitan (always seeking that one move that would drive him crazy)
  • Parenting (on the tail end of this time period)
Seeking to fit into my roles as wife, sure-to-be-pregnant lady (hah!) and later, mom.


Today, here's what you might find on my nightstand:

  • Adoptive Families (the Sept/Oct issue is a particularly good one, especially for waiting parents)
  • National Geographic (geek that I am, I must read from cover-to-cover, so I am always several issues behind)
  • Consumer Reports (to stretch my dollar and avoid feelings of stupidity)
AARP isn't on my radar for quite awhile yet. (But am I on theirs??)

So, how about you? What adorns your coffee table, and what does it say about you?

Give us a one-liner. Or more.


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6 chiming in:

Tina said...

Teen years:


Shallow but I enjoyed them.

Late teens/Early 20s:

Mid-20s (in grad school):
Academic journals
Psychology Today

I don't really buy magazines but Parenting is still sending them. I like a lot of them, but can't justify the cost when the library has them for free, though I've never checked one out.

Tina said...

I should add I am 28 and still don't have anything resembling a coffee table ;)

MrsSpock said...



Taste of Home Healthy Cooking
(I really don't have time to read magazines anymore)

chicklet said...

Teens: YM & Seventeen.

20's: Glamour, Cosmo.

Now: Canadian Living, Shape, and the odd Martha or crafty kinda magazine when it's Halloween or Christmas and time to decorate.

chicklet said...

Oh wait, and sometimes the Husband makes me read The Economist so I can pretend to be smart. But I'm too dumb to remember anything I read in it.

excavator said...

Oh, you're on AARP's radar. They see all, know all, and they'll be sending out feelers to you when you're midway through 49.

What adorns my coffee table? What does it say about me?

It says I have a husband who was seduced by cheap subscriptions and I've completely lost control of all the paper. I'm a geek too, and have trouble throwing away magazines that have an article I might want to read...someday.

So, stacks, we've got stacks. Golf, the Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Kids, Mad (my paper also reveals I have boys), Consumer Reports.

I want to throw them ALL away.

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