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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giveaway roundup. In case of D'oh!

OK. We here at All Thumbs have prostrated ourselves to found companies who will give freebie products to lucky readers. Eight times in the past couple of months -- that's a whole lot of prostrating! (You'd think Chicklet and I could find mo' better reasons to be lying down.)

I got to thinking what *I* do when *I* come upon another blog's giveaway post. I enter and assume I'm going to win, and then I click away. Even if it's a product that I WANT to buy. I DON'T buy because I'm going to win it for free, right?

When I DON'T win, I forget to go back and buy the product I wanted. D'oh!

So here is a handy guide for you to go back and try some of the products we've been raving about. Click on the product for the review. From the product's post, you can purchase, thereby doing yourself AND the economy a favor.

* (your chances of winning tomorrow are less than 1 in 60, so you might as well buy now. If you DO win, consider it an advance on your Christmas shopping, a gift already procured.)

Some (but not all) other items we've positively reviewed can be found through our Amazon store. Good prices, Amazon security and speed, and our thumbs of approval.

And I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks for visiting and reading. Not to get all sappy, but we appreciate you. Mwah!

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