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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Infertility Assistant

As you may have previously read about here and/or here, you already know that I, chicklet, am an infertile myrtle. And that BEING an infertile myrtle, well, it makes me a good candidate to review infertility books - or at least *I* like to think so.

However, being an infertile myrtle does NOT mean I have a good memory. And as such, The Infertility Assistant has been sitting on my table for a month... with me THINKING I already reviewed it, and only realizing the JUST other day, that uh... I had NOT reviewed it. So with many apologies to the kind authors who sent it out to me, here's the lowdown.

Truth is, it's a pretty good book - even for a three year veteran like myself. While the content is definitely geared to an American audience (with regards to insurance, for example), and there's some overarching generalizations I'd disagree with ("After your medical evaluation, your doctor should have enough information to tell you why you haven't been getting pregnant"), I'd still consider buying this book. Not necessarily based on the content, because as I hinted above, some of it may not apply to ALL situations (ie. mine), but based on the LAYOUT. Cuz with THIS book, the strength is definitely in the layout.

Again, like the other infertility books I've reviewed here, the book is too big for MY particular purse, but it's smaller and lighter than the other two, so for that, The Infertility Assistant wins points. It also wins points for being spiral-bound, and having a TABBED breakdown, including tabs for Doctors, Tests, Treatment, Self-Care, IUI, IVF, and even Finances.

And WITHIN those tabs, for once, there's ACTUALLY enough space to record what's really going on. For example, in the Doctors tab, there's three columns to compare info between three different doctors, all side-by-side. Within the IUI tab, there's space available for 3 IUI's but also EIGHT weeks worth of info PER IUI. And within the all-important IVF tab, there's day-by-day space for 3 full IVF cycles, again up to 8 weeks per cycle. Just for the ability to record information in a SINGLE spot, this book wins hands down. While there's a lot of infertility books out there, many of them assume us infertiles will get LUCKY in a cycle or two, or they FORGET that this can be an 8-week long endurance race filled with overwhelming information that has no dumping ground.

So all in all, two thumbs up for The Infertility Assistant. Simple, easy-to-use, and ACTUALLY enough space to record all the COPIOUS amounts of data one gets during infertility treatments.


Want to win The Infertility Assistant? Leave a comment telling Lori and me why this book would work for YOU, and it might be ALL YOURS. All comments entered by October 17th will be put into a hat. The husband (mr chicklet) will be blind-folded, spun around 10x, shoved back and forth, and then spun around 10 more times the OTHER way, before being asked to pull a winner. The winner will be announced Monday October 20th 2008. Good luck!


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5 chiming in:

Michelle said...

I would love this book! I have been looking for a book that I could keep all my information in and have just been using a folder and after 8 years it is getting pretty big. Since I soon will be moving to IVF I think this would be good. Thanks.

Arian said...

A book to put my info in? How cool would that be! I could finally throw away all of those scraps and napkins that litter my nightstand with 5am temps and messages from the nurse who notoriously calls just as I settle in for a nap!

BethH6703 said...

Organized IF? Pshaw!

Although... since we could be moving back to treatments in the next few months, it probably would be a big help. Especially since my brain already overfloweth with stuff! (And that's not at all a vote for my intelligence. Just my ability to retain information...)

BTW, Can you please record, and post, video of Mr Chicklet's pre-hat draw ritual? PHU-LEASE?!?!

JamieD said...

Well, I am coming to terms with two things. First, I can no longer keep all my stuff in a mini-calendar geared for people who are only trying to keep track of their period. Second, it is looking like this journey isn't ending soon.

This is the first IF book review that sounds like something that could really help me get organized.


sarah said...

I would love this book more! My husband and I have been together for 15 years (married only 1). We are getting ready to start IVF while I'm helping my mom move out of her house in another city (clean out, list for sale)after my dad's passing last year - 6 weeks before my wedding. I've been dealing with wedding plans, funeral plans, moving plans and now fertility plans! Too much to organize! I need it!

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