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Thursday, October 9, 2008

¡Qué salsa! Blogger salsa.

Updated below, in red.

When you get a jar of salsa in the mail from a mortician-in-training, you may automatically think twice about allowing it to enter your body. Your living body.

My husband sniffed for formaldehyde before tasting.

I dug right in.

Then he did. And it didn't take long for this to become this.
Steph -- triathlete, mom, blogger, student of mortuary sciences -- is now adding Salsa-preneur to her resume. And dang, she's gonna knock this one out of the park, too. I kind of want to be mad at her for having such multi-pronged talents.

The salsa has a saucy consistency -- not to chunky and not too runny. It clings nicely to a chip, and the flavors mix together as perfectly as Marga and Rita do (which, I wouldn't be surprised, might be Steph's inspiration).

And, get this: she makes custom orders. You can get her standard mild salsa, or tell her you want it hotter and she'll cater to your capsaicin desires. At no extra charge.

Seriously -- where else can you get salsa made just for your tongue?

I asked Steph about the name of the salsa. Get ready to learn some useful Spanish:
"Chupacabra literally translates to "goat sucker" and is a mythical nocturnal creature that literally sucks the blood out of goats. I don't know about Colorado, but here in California as well as Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Texas the chupacabra has become a bit of a cultural icon and the source of many ghost stories in addition to serving as a boogey man used to get children to behave."
Hmmmm. Maybe some Fiery Goat-Sucker would be just the thing to get Tessa and Reed to pick up their rooms.

A 12 oz jar is $4. Shipping is $5 for the first jar, and $1.50 for each additional jar. Steph is just starting out, so her payment system is simple, "I send people salsa and they either mail me a check or hit me up in paypal."

Contact SacredCitySalsa {at} gmail {dot} com to order.

I like the idea of Steph mixing this up in her kitchen.

And not her classroom. Right Steph? Heh heh?


We at All Thumbs love to take care of our readers. Steph has offered free salsa for the three commenters by October 17 (10:17 am, MDT) who leave the best sob story on why they deserve Chupacabra Salsa.

But, since she just had a large shipment destroyed by the Agriculture Department of a south-of-the-equator country, she is able to ship only to US addresses (including APOs and FPOs). Steph, Chicklet and I will be the judges and our decisions can be influenced by clicking around this site and buying from our Amazon store are impartial and final.

Sob away!

UPDATE: The winners are.....Kristin, Micaela6955, and Dora. Please email me with your mailing address so we can get your Chupacabra Salsa on its way to you. Congratulations!

And thanks to everyone else who entered...stay tuned for more giveaways.


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11 chiming in:

Kristin said...

Pleeeeeeeeeease...I need your salsa. My son consumed the last of my salsa and I can feel the spiciness level of my blood dropping to perilous levels. I also think I really need your salsa because of the name. My husband is Puerto Rican and everyone knows they have some of the best Chupacabra stories out there. this pitiful enough?

chicklet said...

Salsa's my favorite thing on earth next to wine and cheese and chocolate. But my sob story doesn't count dammit.

Cathy said...

WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!My DH was recently transferred from Albuquerque to Sacramento ( I live 2 minutes from Elk Grove) I have yet to find a salsa that can compare to what we had in NM. sniff sniff. I have been searching and searching in vain (sob sob) to find something that will pass as good salsa. Hopefully my SOB story will win me a jar (and you won;t have to pay shipping - I can pick it up!!!!) Searching for tissue to dry my tear stained face - thinking of the salsa that I am missing.

Topcat said...

I just salivated. And, I can't enter because I live in Australia!@! WAHHHH. So, I'm sure I actually win, because of the fact that I can't win! Oh the irony!


Dora said...

I'm just a sad, lonely, single girl. I've got my cats. I can get some chips. How about some salsa for poor, pathetic me? I'm not one of those weird "cilantro tastes like soap" people. I loves cilantro! Puleeeeze!

About Cathy, forget her sob story. She already won a giveaway. I'm much more pathetic than she is!

Cathy said...

Can I add to my sob story. My DH had emergency surery last night. He had a perferated colon. He is currently in ICU and will be in hosptial for at least a week. He will have to have surgery again in about 14 weeks to reverse some things that were done. By the time this is over the jar of salsa may have to be our Christmas dinner.

BTW nothing says I can't win more than one (or 2) contests. I am hoping to win the soap too.

Dora said...

Okay, now I feel bad about my snarkiness. I was trying to be funny.

Cathy, I hope your husband is okay. That sounds scary! ICU is always scary.

We can both win. :-)

micaela6955 said...

Once upon a time long, long ago
I married a guy from Guatemala
who thought I could cook, clean & sew
mama I wasn't, boy was he ever wrong
I refused to give in to demand
and for awhile we didn't get along
In the kitchen I am truly lost
I burn the rice, can't make tortillas-
so we order takeout-you don't wanna know how much THAT costs!
For this salsa I do wish-
so puhleeze gimme a break
I need to attempt a new dish
Something that will make him smile
maybe he'll even want seconds
and I will be domesticated by his standards-even if for just a little while...

I am thinking nachos-quick, easy and the salsa would work great as a topping... I think that and tacos are about the only things I make that he eats, lol. Thanks for the opportunity-my hubby believes in the Chupacabra, I don't ask-but every once in awhile on the Spanish news stations you will see some report of farm animals being killed by the chupacabra. I like scifi and stuff like that, so think it is pretty interesting.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

amie said...

I lost my job on Monday(no kidding) I took a brand new store to levels of greatness and my back stabbing assistant made up a bunch of lies that I was not allowed to defend and I got the ax!!! With the economy the way it is the prospects of me getting a job aren't great. The funny thing is this is the first time since I was 15 that I haven't had a job...I can't even get a p/t job so that I could pay for my own salsa cause that will cut into unemployment. Alslo my favorite food is Chips and Salsa..I can even eat it for breakfast.( and I have:))

Cathy said...

I can vouch for amie. Us Wolff sisters are having a streak of bad luck.

coffee said...

out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

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