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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running Made Fun

For at least the last 10 years, I've been a runner. Not a FAST runner, not an ATHLETIC runner, but a runner none-the-less. Problem is, in the last 3 years, the running's been really on and off for me. Some months I go 4 or 5x a week. Other months? Uh, 4 times the whole month.

When I'm training for something, I'm IN, I'm DEDICATED, and NOTHING (including chronic runner's knee) is gonna stop me. When I'm just trying to get off my fat ass though? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING can stop me. Tired? Oh, I can make it up TOMORROW! Bad day at work? That MUST mean it's time to go out with friends and gripe! Good hair day? Well, why would I want to waste THAT on a run - I must be OUT and be SEEN! Hello? Have you seen my hair today??!!

And therein, lies the problem. While I really DON'T want to be this 5-10lbs heavy that I am, I seem more UNmotivated than motivated. So to help with that, and to make running FUN for me again, the husband bought me the COOLEST birthday gift ever. The Nike+iPod. Seriously, if I could SLEEP with this thing, and it could make me feel AS good as it has the last couple days, the husband and I would be in SERIOUS trouble.

Cuz the Nike+iPod rocks. This thing? Where do I begin?!

First, assuming you already have an iPod with a screen, this little gadget is CHEAP. For $30-50 depending where you look, you TOO can feel the love *I* feel for my new toy.

Second, the only setup required was clicking in a little square piece of magic to my iPod Nano, selecting the Nike+iPod menu item, and whammo, they found each other! There were also some options to add my weight and age, and pick my "power song" (giving me QUICK access to the song that gives me a boost), but none of those were mandatory - just things that makes the data the Nike+iPod gathers even MORE useful.

Data it gathers? What's THAT you say? Well, let me TELL you! This thing, without even MEASURING my stride (something I HATE about pedometers), tracks EVERYTHING I do on my run. It tells me the PACE I'm running at, the length of TIME I've been running, as well as gives me a verbal SUMMARY and a "congratulations" (from a dood who I personally, think sounds VERY hot) of my average pace, kilometres/miles run, and total time out. Have I MENTIONED I want to sleep with this thing?!

But here's where it gets even BETTER. When I get home, if I want to, I can plug my Nike+iPod into my computer and UPLOAD all that information to the Nike+ website. While the site itself has some drawbacks (all Flash, so spins and spins sometimes), the fact that this little gadget will track ALL my data, and measure it against my "resolutions" (should I so choose to set some up in the site), all with a few simple clicks, well it's just freakin' AMAZING to me. The site also offers such fun things as my own Nike+ mini (a running avatar), the opportunity to borrow OTHER runner's routes (found just by entering my postal code), and map out my own routes that I can keep private OR make public. It also lets me join competitions, encourage others, or have others encourage me. While the latter bit ain't really MY thing - I'm more of a solitary runner - the fact that I could join groups anywhere in the WORLD is pretty cool.

Last but not least, the gotcha that ISN'T a gotcha - the Nike shoe requirement. Last year when they first offered the Nike+iPod around Christmas time, it still meant you had to wear NIKE shoes - something *I* don't do. However, thanks to some brainiac, the Nike shoe requirement is NO MORE. For a measly $9, the SwitchEasy RunAway Shoe Adapter lets you wear ANY shoe you like.

So... not that I even need to WRITE this, but two thumbs way way WAAAAAAYYYYY up for the Nike+iPod.


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1 chiming in:

MrsSpock said...

If my body allowed me to run, this would be really nifty to have...

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