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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The ArmBand That Wasn't

Last week, while you were all in love with Soap Nuts, I personally, was still in love with my Nike+. Not only did Lance Armstrong congratulate me TWO MORE TIMES on my longest runs ever, but I created me a fun little running avatar, and set myself some goals that Nike's tracking online for me.

However, the problem with this fun little device is there's no GOOD way to carry it yet. To be clear, the SHOE part of the device is brilliant. It attaches to my shoelace, and that's it - I'm done. Easy peasy. It's the iPod attachment that's a bit tougher. Because when it comes to regular iPod cases, well they all have tops AND bottoms, which means you can't leave your Nike+ attachment attached to the iPod [in the case]. Cuz THIS attachment? It hangs off the BOTTOM of your iPod, so with a sealable case the size of an iPod - no room for the attachment.

The logical option? The option I hate? The dreaded armband. While the husband was super sweet in his picking up of the armband FOR me, the problem is I'm just soooooo not a fan of the armband - they drive me CRAZY. But to give my poor husband the benefit of the doubt, and save myself an ADVENTURE trying to find a carrying case that is NOT an armband, I tried OUT the InCase Sports Armband. Heard the word armband enough yet???

Anyway, run one? It worked... well, it worked in that it stayed where it was supposed to. But actually USING my iPod? Nope, not possible, because the plastic on this thing? It's just way too unwieldy and thick, so scrolling through your menu - particularly while running - just doesn't work.

Run two? Yes... there WAS a run two - well, it started to bug me sitting on my arm. That combined with the inability to actually SCROLL through my menu, midway through my run I wrapped the armband around my camelback so my iPod could hang at chest-level instead. The result? Easier to get at cuz it's on my chest and I could use both hands, but still JUST as unwieldy with its thick plastic.

Third run? I scrapped the armband and threw my iPod in my coat pocket. While it's not the IDEAL situation, for winter, this'll work. However, by spring next year, I'm going to find me some other kind of case to carry this in. Cuz as I said in the Nike+ post, I'm in love with this thing. It has forever CHANGED running for me. My armband however, not so much. Two thumbs down for the InCase Sports Armband.


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3 chiming in:

bleu said...

What about this??

chicklet said...

Hmmm, that might work. Only concern would be how easily I can get at it to push buttons or navgate the menu. I may have to read up further on this, thanks!

Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent said...

I'm still in love with soap nuts. What can I say?

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