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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Personalized Christmas Gifts - For YOU!

In the last month or so, I have become... completely... and utterly... ADDICTED... to Etsy. Everything I think of buying, it MUST be on Etsy! Everything I don't even KNOW I want to buy yet, it MUST be on Etsy! Got nothing to do? Well there MUST be something on Etsy... right?

And so in those endless hours I've been spending on Etsy, I came across this - a custom-made stamp at Sweetpaperie. And not just a custom-made stamp, but a custom-made stamp for Christmas!

You know all those holiday cards you really don't feel like signing? Well don't, just buy a stamp! You know all those gifts you really don't feel like tying a gift tag to? Well don't, just buy a stamp! Oh, and you have someone in your family who's REALLY difficult to buy for but you know THEY send a lot of cards or gifts themselves? Hmmmm... just buy a stamp!

The thing with this stamp is it's one, easy to buy (a few simple clicks, a little typing of what you want YOUR stamp to say, and voila... done!); it's two, quick to ship (two weeks turnaround to make the stamp, then shipped); and three, it's not just easy to use, it's personal. I understand that deep down (or maybe not that DEEP down), I am a paper dork, so things like a custom-made stamp get me very VERY excited, but the idea of sending all my gifts out with a stamp that says "luv chicklet & mr chicklet" - well I just love that. THAT, to me, feels like Christmas.

So if you want YOUR house to start feeling like Christmas, hurry up and get your order in - Farah at Sweetpaperie gets two big thumbs up from me so she's bound to get very very busy this season. (Note: Orders placed by mid-November should ensure you get YOUR custom-made stamp in time for the season, but please check with Farah just in case).


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