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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sleep better. And save 90%!

I coveted my sister's bed.

She and her husband purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress for their newly remodeled room. Last Thanksgiving, after a couple of late-night sister chats held while lounging on the bed, I was smitten. The memory foam molded perfectly to all my points of contact. Kind of like being suspended and held at the same time.

I vowed to get one for my own room. Our mattress was more than 10 years old and was due to be replaced, I reasoned.

So I shopped. And then my jaw dropped. The aforementioned brand of mattresses had a LOW-end model (queen-size) priced at $1300! And it went up from there to the luxury models at $6,000. May I just say? There's no freaking way.

My old mattress still had several years left, I decided.

One day at Costco, I spotted their mattress toppers. Same concept -- 3 inches of memory foam that you place atop your current mattress. And the price? Currently $140. We bought it and have slept better since. has a selection of memory foam mattress topper from $60 to $180, depending on thickness, shape (egg cartons are cheaper than flat ones) and composition (there are some greener choices available).

Some things to know:

  • Make sure your topper comes with a terry/velour cover that is washable. Or plan to spend some on a mattress cover.
  • Don't expect to use your topper right out of the package. It is vacuum-sealed (and very unwieldy once out of the package) and should lie flat for, in my opinion, a couple of days. This means you'll need a bed-sized out-of-the-way place to put the topper for awhile while it decompresses.
  • Another reason to allow several days for the topper to flatten out is to also release some of its chemical-smell. We aired out our mattress for 2 days on each side until the residue from this wonder material was non-detectable.

Both Rob and I find the mattress verrry comfortable. The only adjustment I've had to make is that I sleep a lot warmer. Since we got the topper, I've been able to forswear the flannel jammies Rob found so attractive. Yet another bonus.

Thumbs up. Consider an inexpensive mattress topper the next time you need to replace a mattress.


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4 chiming in:

MrsSpock said...

We've had a Temur-pedic for years. I can't sleep on anything else with my fibro and scoliosis.

bigSIS said...

Hmmm. Seems my mattress is needing a boost all of a sudden! I'll have to look into these toppers. Thanks for the info!

chicklet said...

You're like, sooo the dood when it comes to finding deals. I covet that ability.

Vacant Uterus said...

Like Mrs. Spock, I have a tempur-pedic and I LOVE it. It never occured to me to try the mattress topper but with my headaches as painful and frequent as they are, I needed something that would go the distance. It's teh awesome! You're right about it needing time to air out and being a lot warmer, though. I appreciate the warmth in the winter!

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