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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bah humbug

I'm tired of Christmas.

Well, Christmas shopping, to be exact. Still loving the holiday music (Feliz Navidad, anyone?) and the anticipation I see in Tessa's and Reed's eyes (not to mention dangling Santa over their heads anytime they cross me).

But I'm sugarplum out of Christmas gift ideas.

Instead, I have three random points to make.

1. Chicklet and I want to HUGELY thank those of you who are clicking to Amazon through our store or through our links (like the book I'm reading, below). Whenever you do, and whatever you buy -- even if it's something we didn't mention -- puts a little into our kitties. Chicklet is saving for IVF#3 or adoption, and I am saving for braces for Tessa and Reed, as it's clear that we will be buying our own orthodontist sometime in the next few years.

Every little bit helps, and we are very, very grateful to you.

2. I want to share a book I'm reading, although I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea (especially at this time of year). I'm reading the Gospel of the Second Coming by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.

It's simultaneously irreverent of the literalist tradition and profoundly reverent of the mystery that is within each of us.

Being knocked down by infertility made me question everything I ever "knew" about god and god being all-powerful and all-knowing. After all, if god was good and just and powerful, how could *I* be denied a pregnancy when another woman left a newborn in a bathroom at Disney World?

I've found some marvelous answers on my journey to understanding religion vs spirituality and in reconciling the Jesus of my youth with a more expansive version. This latest book has a framework that makes sense to me. It addresses how misery and injustice can exist in the world. And it makes sense to me.

If you are open, if you seek spirit rather than religion, you might want to pick it up. For yourself.

My dad wants to read my copy. And he shall have it in his stocking.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that this book is laugh-out-loud funny. And a quick read.

3. We've got a two new experiments on our right sidebar. Many of you are already subscribed by RSS feed. But some of you would rather get word of our posts by email. Now there's a button with a little envelope on it for readers who would like to be notified by email when we have a new post up. If you're not already getting our feeds, try it out by email.

Secondly, we're trying out a tip jar, with the headline "Are you in my Top Spots?" If you would like to highlight your product, blog, service or message in this space, $5 (or more) will not only tip us for our efforts but also give you a bit of real estate on All Thumbs. Again, Chicklet's family-building efforts and my teeth-straightening intentions would be grateful. (Really, this is aimed more at potential advertisers than at our regular readers and friends.)


Chicklet and I are taking a mini-break and will back after the New Year. (But I wouldn't put it past her to serve up a recommendation for champagne while on hiatus -- she's lushy like that). Enjoy the next few weeks and we'll be in your RSS feeder (or emailbox) soon.

Happy holidays from your thumby gals.


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4 chiming in:

Furrow said...

It was infertility that sent me over the edge spiritually, as well, and as you know, I'm just now sort of getting back on the path. It's funny, but when you really, really ask for guidance, and if you're open, you usually get it. I've had some nice serendipitous moments lately, including some good books just falling into my hands (now reading Breakfast with Buddha), and I may have to go out on a limb and order this one you've recommended. thanks.

MrsSpock said...

I still want to try those Soapnuts (see! I remember things you've written about!), but it will have to wait til after the New Year as well.

That book sounds interesting...

luna said...

I just LOVE that pic of you two! the mojito-choco twins!

kalei said...

This world is full of good and evil. without evil we would sadly not appreciate the good. It is a tough pill to swallow hearing of people not appreciating the things that are important for a little selfishness (such as that girl at Disney). I am sorry you are not blessed with fertility, but just because you can birth a child does not make you the best mother, as you know all too well. I am inspired by you and your ability to help others and to turn your sadness into joy. enjoy your holidays!

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