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Monday, February 16, 2009

WeightWatchers to the Rescue Again

No, I have NOT joined Weight Watchers - not that there's anything wrong with that - but what I HAVE done is bought their fancy schmancy scale to help me with the weight loss I'm taking on on my own.

The thing for me though, is I know how MY particular brain works. I know that in MY brain, if I don't have a way to measure and TRACK my success (or lack thereof), my brain will get quite bored, my brain will convince myself I'm doing just fine, and my brain will tell me I can get as lazy as I want because it doesn't really matter. Then a few months from now, I'll beat myself up yet AGAIN, that the weight is STILL not off.

So this year - THIS will be the year I return to my pre-infertility weight. The year I fit into my SKINNY clothes again. The year I run a half marathon (in an effort to get to both those previous two goals, and to just feel DAMN GOOD about myself again). And to do all that, I paired up the best birthday gift ever with the coolest home scale I could find in the price range I wanted.

For roughly $40, the Weight Watchers Glass Precision Electronic Scale (uh, mouthful of a name?) has so far given me exactly what I wanted.

First, I wanted a scale that wasn't horridly ugly. While it also isn't the sleekest looking thing you can find out there (you know, the stainless steel funky kind), I like that it's super simple with its glass top, and really could match any bathroom we ever owned. It's also really easy to clean - a little Windex, and poof, it's like brand new again.

Second, I wanted a scale that was digital. I wanted accurate readings to the decimal point so when I felt my weight was fluctuating, and I was feeling all nasty and bloated, I could see that it really WAS only a difference of 0.4 or 0.8, and it was a difference that returned as soon as I DIDN'T feel all nasty and bloated. I also wanted to see even the littlest drops in weight, because motivation and reward can be KEY in keeping up the good habits.

And third, I wanted a scale that also included my Body Mass Index (BMI) so that as I ran farther and farther in my training, if my weight went up or was only maintained, then at least I could see if it was because I was eating BAD FOOD (ie. my BMI stayed high), or if it was because I was GAINING MUSCLE (ie. my BMI went down). Because with muscle weighing more than fat, if my BMI was decreasing but my weight wasn't, I knew I could live with that and not obsess so much about my actual weight.

And so far, this scale has been great. It's super easy to program (you can't get your BMI without saving your user's age, height, and sex - but you only have to do that once) for up to 4 people. It tucks away neatly beside my toilet. And it's been a real motivator watching the weight drop, even when sometimes it is only dropping in the decimal ranges. All in all, the Weight Watchers scale gets two thumbs up from me!


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1 chiming in:

Elana Kahn said...

Pretty cool! Just be careful with the digital scales that give you accuracy to the 0.0 lb. I have a different Weight Watchers scale that does that, but if I weigh myself 3 times in a row I can get weights that vary by almost a lb...

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