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Sunday, April 5, 2009

April's First Roundup

This last couple weeks, I've been doing a LOT of surfing. So much so, that it's taking oodles and oodles and OODLES of self-control not to go out and buy a whole LOTTA stuff. However, I haven't, and I won't, because well... I've already done too much shopping IRL so the credit card needs a little break.

But here's a quick roundup of a few things I've found that I think you should go out and buy so I can live vicariously through you. They're not things I was smart enough to find on my own, but they're things I would TOTALLY want anyway so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

1. Late last week Dooce linked off to this super cool baby blanket. While I'm not personally a fan of birds, I really like the simplicity of the pattern, and I like the super soft plushy stuff on the other side.

2. Mightygirl had a fabulous idea for what to do for your man's 40th birthday. While I loved the whole damn list, #21 is something I dream of. We eat a LOT of cheese and it just looks way too fun not to own one.

3. Have you heard of Sock Dreams? No? Go check out Nancy's site for a sneak peek. They freaking RULE (and yes, I caved and bought 3 pairs myself).

4. And last but not least, while I'm not normally into Bohemian-style dresses, Decor8 found these really beautiful ones that I thought would be perfect for summer. They're not cheap, but they look really well made, and they're more original than some of the summer stock most stores carry.


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3 chiming in:

Kristin said...

Those socks ROCK!

Lori said...

Some great stuff on Mighty Girl's list.

And that skirt is really cute. But did I read the waist right? 12" to 25"? I'd have to order two and sew them together!

Plus, ever since I've had kids, I've not owned any white clothing.

nancy said...

pleated skirts make me look fat.

(heh on the socks. I've spent $100s on that damn site)

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