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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1.800 Contacts Redeemed!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I'd bought my latest contacts from 1.800 Contacts... and how I wasn't so impressed with the quality of what I'd received. However, one Anonymous commenter and one Miss Tori encouraged me to tell 1.800 Contacts what had happened - because they would just REPLACE my contacts!?

So rather than calling 1.800 Contacts and ASKING for new contacts, I ran a little test. I sent in a simple complaint, voicing my disappointment with the number of bad contacts I had received - and then I waited. I waited to see how quickly they'd respond, I waited to see how easily they'd offer up the replacements, and I waited to see what kind of customer service they REALLY had.

And lo and behold, within ONE HOUR of sending my complaint in, they'd emailed me back asking how many were bad, and what prescription, as they'd like to send me replacements AS PER THEIR GUARANTEE (which I obviously hadn't read clearly enough!). I emailed them back, and within a few minutes I received a confirmation email that my replacements had been shipped!

While I haven't received my replacements yet, I am MORE than pleased to say that 1.800 Contacts now gets a raving two thumbs up - just for customer service alone, regardless when my delivery is received. There aren't a lot of businesses out there with this kind of guarantee:-)

Thanks Miss Tori and Anonymous!


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3 chiming in:

Kristin said...

Glad to know this kind of customer service still exists!

Sheri said...

As frustrating as it is to have something wrong with a purchase, it is equally good to know that a company still values their customers and provides great customer service.

MrsSpock said...

Ooooo...good for them! If I ever can gather the courage to touch my eyeball, I will remember this...

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