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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Comfy Yet Chic: Anywear Slippers

Updated at bottom with winner announcement.

(Read all the way to the bottom to see what's in this post for you.)

Upfront disclaimer: I received a free sample for purposes of sharing my honest review.

Have you ever had to dash out your front door in your jammies, your bathrobe, your slippers?
  • To get the newspaper (not urgent)?
  • To take out the trash or get something into the mailbox in time (could be urgent)?
  • To take a forgotten lunchbox to a kid getting into the bus/carpool (urgent)?
  • To avoiding a parking ticket on street-sweeping day (super urgent)?

Sadly, I have done each of these. And when I say "sadly," I mean for my neighbors and the poor carpool occupants as well as for myself.

It's not a pretty sight.

But starting now, this will change, foot-wise, anyway. Because thanks to KiKi*C, I am going from this:

to this:

Yes, there goes the neighborhood.

I got my "wear-anywear" shoes when I came across KiKi*C and its collection of comfy yet chic shoes.

KiKi*C was started by Kitty Stettner "as a personal mission to acquire ultra-comfortable, voguish shoes to wear at home. The inspiration occurred after a self-inflicted attempt to find chic and ultra comfortable shoes... a soothing treat for my traumatized feet."

So how does KiKi*C fare? Pretty darn well.

Selection: Kiki*C has more than a dozen styles to choose from. Close-toed, open toed, animal print, denim, canvas, all on a 2" wedge, and each one very kicky. I love kicky.

Kiki*C sent me a complimentary pair of Little LuLus (which make me feel like Lori Luscious) but I'm going to also head over and order the NaNa to have on hand for the colder months.

Price: pairs run $59 to $78. And while that seems a bit rich to me (I'm a cheapskate, after all), I realize it's comparable to what normal people spend on shoes (especially if the shoes are multipurpose) , and not too extravagant compared to what my mother-in-law spent on my LL Bean Christmas moccs pictured above.

Comfort: The platform is made from something really spongy and supportive, like memory foam for the feet, and is remarkably comfortable. But putting on my LuLus for the first time was like putting on flip-flops for the first time in Spring -- it took a few wearings for my feet to get used to the contact points of the straps.

Dare I actually go out in my Little LuLus this summer? I mean deliberately, on purpose, to the grocery store? I have met my own dares before and have come out feeling terrific. So I just might. KiKi*Cs are meant to be "outed" shoes.

KiKi*C is being very generous with All Thumbs readers, in two ways:

Discount: KiKi*C is offering All Thumbs readers a 20% discount for ordering by June 15. Just enter the code ATR20 at checkout.

Giveaway: KiKi*C is also offering a giveaway of one pair of comfy chic Little LuLus to one lucky All Thumbs commenter. Leave a comment below by 5:18 am MDT on May 18. Using, we'll select a winner and let her know either in this space or by email (if available). The footwear will be sent directly from KiKi*C.

You can get extra entries by tweeting this post (if you're already on Twitter, just click the ReTweet button at the bottom of this post), by linking to this post on your own blog, or by putting the All Thumbs button on your blog. Just come back to let us know where to find your shout-outs.

A reminder that we HUGELY appreciate you telling your friends about AllThumbs and spreading the word on your blog with this button so that we can keep these giveaways coming. selected #21, which means that Martha won the Little LuLus!

Thanks to all for entering!

We have more giveaways coming in May and June, so stay tuned.


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24 chiming in:

JJ said...

I loooooove slippers--esp comfy ones=) Ive gotten plenty in the past that just dont measure up! Thanks for this review--checking out more of the slippers now!

Campbell said...

VERRRRRY cool kick around shoes! I've just added your button to my blog, too!

BTW-thanks for the Zents review-I just received my sample scents, and LOVE the mandarin and the pear...can't wait to try them all! (And I don't usually wear scents because of sensitivity, but these are great!)


Kristin said...

Very nice. I would love a pair of those!

Kristin said...

I tweeted about it.

chicklet said...

OMG, those are hilarious! I'd sooooo wear those to get the paper.

Becky Workman said...

Count me in! A girl can never have too many slippers, flipflops or tennis shoes!! Don't tell my hubby!

Kristin said...

I've added your button to my blog (its along the bottom with all other blog buttons).

Danielle said...

These slippers are so stylish and look extremely comfy! I'd love to win a pair!

Tj and Amy said...

this is sooo adorable. I need slippers so bad.

Tj and Amy said...


Holly said...

I would LOVE a pair of those, they look so FUN.

Dora said...

Awesome! Want a pair!!

Cathy said...

I love them. I want a pair. Tweeting and posting in blog as well as FB

Lisa S. said...

They would love fab with the rhinestone tiara I wear while vacuuming and they probably wouldn't pinch my scalp.

Cathy said...

I tweeted

Cathy said...

I blogged

Cathy said...

I even managed a FB post. Can you tell I want those shoes?

mrsmoore08 said...

Yay! I love giveaways and I LOVE slippers! I'm going to retweet right now! Thanks

mrsmoore08 said...

I tweeted too! Twitter name: EllenMoore08

Martha said...

I love these, Ay Carumba!! These are so much glam than my old Crocs.

Martha said...

I have your button proudly posted at my blog, today and always.

Cathy said...


Cathy said...

Facebook Promo

MrsSpock said...

LOL. My husband has slippers like the ones in your "before" picture.

Do those slippers have a very high heel? Is there arch support?

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