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Monday, May 4, 2009

My Secret Scent

I, Chicklet, have a secret. A secret I rarely ever reveal to anyone, because well... I fear that everyone will smell as good as I do, and I kinda LIKE having a rare but good smell. And yes, I really wrote that because yes, I really mean that. Because I, Chicklet, am just THAT crazy, but I, Chicklet, also smell THAT good. And I get told so - REGULARLY.

At work, a co-worker will casually mention it and ask what it is. At a dinner party, I really don't believe there's a man whose hugged me who HASN'T commented on how good I smell. And well, then there's the husband, who even 5 years later, thinks I smell damn yummy.

And while normally I'm hesitant to share this secret, after almost a YEAR with All Thumbs, I figured it was time to come out of the closet. I, Chicklet, buy my perfume online. I, Chicklet, buy the same perfume someone somewhere claims a LOT of celebrities have purchased (it was in a magazine, and their picture was beside it, so that makes it TRUE!). But I, Chicklet, buy it because I absolutely ADORE this perfume.

What is it? And where do you get it? Well it's called Sun, by Zents, and they ship pretty much anywhere in the world. As for what it smells like, well, this is my favorite part, and why I've been wearing it for 10-15 years now and just can't part with it - it's not FLOWERY, it's not PRETTY, and it's not what I'd call GIRLY. Instead it's musky, but nowhere near manly, because there's a sweetness to it too.

A mix of vanilla, sweet orange, sandalwood, and pink grapefruit, you seriously will NEVER smell a better perfume (really an "eau de toilette", but that's beside the point). It goes on really light, so if you screw up, you can put it on 5 minutes before you leave the house and NOT kill someone in an elevator with you. It lasts most of the day, so late in the afternoon some new little hottie at work might comment on how good you smell - and that's NEVER bad for the ego! And it's affordable. At $52 USD, these bottles last me around a year, maybe more, depending how lazy or crazy I am with the smells that year.

I'd like to think of more to tell you about it, but really, you should just go buy it. It's THAT good. Two BEAMING thumbs up... if my thumbs could actually beam...

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7 chiming in:

Lori said...

Makes me want to meet you and smell you even more.

Maybe not right after a race, though.

Spicy Sister said...

Thanks for this! I have been searching a loooong time for a scent I really LOVE. I will have to try this!

Martha said...

I will have to check it out, thanks Chicklet!!

Wordgirl said...

mnnnn scents.

I have to check this out -- I am SO over mine...

Kristin said...

That sounds EXACTLY like the kinds of scents I like. Yum

annacyclopedia said...

When we actually get to meet, sniffing you will be first on my list of things to do.

Artblog said...

oooh, who knew eh :)

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