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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Essential Breastfeeding Log (with TWO giveaways!)


A little while back, Lori and I were approached to read and review a couple books. In those couple, was The Essential Breastfeeding Log. Newly pregnant, and COMPLETELY freaked the f* out over it, this book was definitely something I knew I'd be considering for the FUTURE, but at the time, it just wasn't something I could even BEGIN to wrap my head around. So thanks to a very flexible publicist at Ballantine Books Publicity, we were able to work out a little delay for me, and two freebies for some of you (now that I *AM* ready)!

As for the actual book (The Essential Breastfeeding Log: A Feedings Tracker and Baby-Care Organizer for Nursing Moms by Sarah Bowen Shea and Suzanne Schlosberg), well let's start with the aesthetics. For me, buying a book is about two things - one, does the content look like something I'd be interested in? And two, does the cover art appeal to me? And by appeal I mean that I have a completely subjective preference for SIMPLICITY - books with too much going on, or books that look too girly and/or frilly, well they're the books I tend NOT to buy because accurate or not, the cover art can tell me the book may not be my style, even if the CONTENT tells me it IS.

But on both questions, this book scores. First, it's about breastfeeding, as well as TRACKING your breastfeeding - both things I plan to do. Second, the cover's simple and clean, and not something I'd be embarrassed to leave out accidentally on my COUNTER, and have a friend or even a HUSBAND of a friend find it. It's orange with polka dots, and only has a tiny baby photo on it - nothing too over the top, nothing screaming with cheese.

Moving on from the aesthetics though, this is where I get more picky. Because if a book claims it's going to help me TRACK something, or be a place where I dump a LOT of writing into, then it absolutely MUST be spiral-bound, and the spiral binding must seem like it will HOLD UP to all the flipping and flapping and folding and unfolding it will go through. It also has to have PLENTY of space for notes, it should probably adjust its spacing over time if it's about something I'll get BETTER at or CHANGE over the course of time, and it HAS to let me fill in my own dates. This book does every single one of those things, and it does it WELL.

This book though isn't just about TRACKING your breastfeeding progress - it's useful in other ways too. It starts off with some breastfeeding basics, it includes some troubleshooting tips, and it even has cool facts you may not have known about breastfeeding. It also does something I think will be really important for ME as a new mum - it includes space to write notes about my exercise, my weight loss, and even my "me" time or stuff my partner is or ISN'T doing. And while I doubt I'd use this as a journal for stuff going on with the husband (the space is limited), I really like the concept that I could have a single dumping ground for little notes I want to remember about this whole breastfeeding experience - like maybe the first time he brings me wine after I feed, or the billionth time he takes Tiny B to back to bed for me so I can read.

All in all I'd give The Essential Breastfeeding Log: A Feedings Tracker and Baby-Care Organizer for Nursing Moms two thumbs up. I will be keeping a single copy for me to use 5 or so months from now (yay!), but I'll also be giving two copies away to two lucky readers!


As noted above, I have TWO additional copies of The Essential Breastfeeding Log - and they'll be going to TWO lucky winners from comments/commenters below! Using, we'll select a winner and let the winner know in this space (and by email if provided). We'll then privately gather your mailing address and ship them off to you.

For additional entries, you can retweet this post by using the "Retweet" button at the bottom of this post, by linking to this post off your own blog, or by adding the All Thumbs button to your blog. Just be sure to let us know you tweeted or linked to us so we can give credit where credit is due.

Entry cutoff is Saturday June 13th, 11:59 PM PST.

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Emily and Amber.

Congrats ladies, I will contact you shortly to arrange shipment!


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19 chiming in:

Emily said...

OK, I don't usually enter contests. How do I put in an initial entry... here in the comments? If so, sign me up! I will also add the All Thumbs button to my blog.



Lavender Luz said...

For your next giveaway, I want a partner like yours. Someone who brings you wine and gets up with the kid a billion times.

Great review of the important things about this book!

chicklet said...

Sorry Emily, I cleaned up the post to explain that a comment (like yours) gets you the initial entry:-)

Kerry said...

This book sounds awesome! I'm neurotic and track everything, especially when it comes to my kiddos.

I also added your button to my blog.

Kim said...

WIsh I would have seen this earlier! Sounds like a good one.

Belinda M said...

I have a friend who will be a first time mom to twins in two months. She would love a book like this

Dreamer4agift said...

I would LOVE to enter this contest! Since I just started to bf, I've been reading all I can. The hospital gave is a tracking guide but it was just one paper so I'm gonna have to make alot of copies. Consider me in! I am on my phone right now but I'll try and get on the computer later and put the button up

Sheri said...

I would have loved this book when I was nursing -- not only with my first baby, but also with the twins that followed 17 months later. :)

It was all I could do to remember which kid on which boob at what time. And when did they wet and soil their diapers?

I made my own spreadsheet and probably still have it (12+ years old).

Happy to report that I don't need the giveaway. Yeah!!

Kim said...

this would make an AWESOME gift for a new mother friend of mine!

AmandaSue said...

Sounds really great and useful, thanks for the chance! unforgetable_dreamer_always(at)

Dora said...

Great review! I need this. Really. ME, ME, preggo, ME!

rebar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rebar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rebar said...

just found this book on google while searching for a bf log. we've been logging feedings and diapers into a spreadsheet on my blackberry. very tedious and tiny! also re-tweeted at rebe_nyc! thanks!

asdf said...

Looking forward to breastfeeding for the first time in a couple of weeks! *Crosses fingers!*

asdf said...


asdf said...

I blogged!

asdf said...

Added the button!

OnlyOneLisette said...

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