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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The "H" Word

When you're pregnant, there's a lot of things to be afraid of. There's those BIG things like "will my baby be healthy", there's those middle-size things like "how will I ever AFFORD this", and then there's those small things... those things nobody really wants to talk about but everyone is probably thinking about anyway?

Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded "h" word - HEMORRHOIDS.

As someone who has yet in life to experience a hemorrhoid, but has IBS so has had my own share of OTHER "ass" issues, the hemorrhoid is the one experience in pregnancy I actually dread. Not because it's something I can't get over, but because it's something I know I can't prevent, it's something that doesn't just last a few hours, and it's something that I have heard NIGHTMARE stories about.

While women have their own share of nightmare stories about labour, the truth is they go onto to have 2, 3, and 4 kids, so really? Well there must be something about the fact that it ends that lets them go into that kind of pain again and again. Yet hemorrhoids, well they don't just "end" - they stick around for awhile. And they stick around in a place you really don't want ANYTHING sticking around.

Anyway, getting to my point, because I DO have one... recently the kind folks at Tucks and MomCentral offered me a free sample of Tucks Take Alongs. And while no, I haven't yet experienced a hemorrhoid, I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so I'm pretty sure at some point the dreaded "h" word IS going to enter my life so I figured these were a PERFECT thing to have in my house to try out!

Putting myself into a headspace where I was imagining the dreaded "h" word appearing in my life, I opened up the box and checked them out, and while I'm sure actually HAVING hemorrhoids vs IMAGINING having them is completely different, these Tucks Take Alongs offer a couple cool things about them.

First, they come in nifty little "towlette" packages - the kind that could easily slip in your pocket on a night out. No, you wouldn't put them in your pocket TOO casually at risk of them falling out, but yes, they COULD fit in a zippered little pocket quite easily. Second, they come sealed, which is always a good thing. Third, the directions are on the package so when in paranoia you're worried you've used too many today, you can easily see that there's no problem using them up to 6x a day. And last, the smell is okay - it's strong, and definitely got that "cleansing" smell to it, but it's nothing strong enough to stick to me (meaning it didn't leave ME smelling like the wipe).

All in all, I'd give these handy little wipes two thumbs up. They're conveniently packaged to take anywhere you need, and on the quick searches I did on the net, seemed to work for those who used them to actually help with the dreaded "h" word.


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6 chiming in:

Kymberli said...

I've always wondered if they're called "Tucks" because you can tuck 'm and leave 'em for a while if you're *really* uncomfortable.

They work, and work well.

That's all I'm sayin'. :o)

Lavender Luz said...

Kym cracks me up. Always.

I'm sure glad you got this review.

If only because I simply can NOT spell hemaroyds.

Peeveme said...

Ahhh tucks = comfort. Now that I am in the final stages of my 3rd trimester I just haul around the regular tucks container. Take alongs might now be enough for me if you know what I mean. A stage 3.5er is nothing to joke about. (The 'H's" come in stages of severity 1-4. I know far more about H's than I'd like to.) Since using Tucks it's cleared right up!

Please pass my appreciation along to the good people at Tucks.

I also think they are great for just feeling a bit more "fresh" at the end of a long summer day.

Dora said...

You're all FREAKING ME OUT!! Thanks a lot! :-p

Sheri said...

I wonder if the diaper wipe companies would be smart to package their wipes and tucks in the same, convenient pack. That way, you could take them both with you and be ready for anything.

Hmmm...Maybe I shouldn't put this in my comment and give away such a great marketing idea.

JamieD said...

What perfect timing! 'Cause, guess what I discovered three days ago?

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