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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Registry Made Easy

One of the few things I've dreaded about being pregnant, has been creating my registry - the wishlist of all the things we want and need. Not because it's not fun to look around at all that cool stuff, and not because it's not fun to think about all the FREE stuff we might get, but because there is no SINGLE store that has everything *I* want and need - there's many MANY stores. And between working, running, going to the trainer, trying to have a life, and just plain old being pregnant, there's not a lot of time to register at many stores. Or even if there WAS a lot of time, it's a bunch of work I really don't want to take on.

Except that thanks to Emily, I no longer NEED to take that on. And now, thanks to All Thumbs, neither do you! Have a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, or other event that calls for a registry? If you do, you MUST check out Wishpot.

A completely FREE service, Wishpot allows you to make a list of all the things you want from ALL the stores you want - including shops like Etsy (so no, your favorite store doesn't have to be partnered up with Wishpot either). All you do is sign up, add a little tool/button to your internet toolbar (did it in 2 minutes, easy!), and then you start clicking away.

Shopping online at Babies R Us and see that bouncy chair you really want? Simply click your "Add to Wishpot" button, choose the priority (you need it, really want it, want it, wouldn't mind it, are thinking about it), add a tag (clothing, chairs, poo, sleep), and hit Submit - done! Navigating back to Wishpot to CHECK OUT the list you've been making, you'll see that Wishpot not only lists the items you want, but grabs a screen capture of what the things look like, provides the price, AND links off to the site where they can be bought. And while that all sounds like it's too ridiculously good to be true, it's not...and it gets even better!

Want your mother or your in-laws to actually buy the things that you WANT, rather than the stuff they THINK you need but will actually just fill your house with clutter? Send them your Wishpot, and they can constantly check out your list. They can sort by tags (ie. clothing, sleep), by priority (ie. you need vs want), and even by last added date (ie. so they don't have to look at the same stuff they've already seen). You just keep adding to your list, and they have an easy way to see what you want from far far away - with NO conversation about it!

So all in all, I'd HIGHLY recommend Wishpot. I'm using it myself for Tiny B's registry, and absolutely loving it. I'm even thinking that as Tiny B grows up, I'll keep this wishlist updated so the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and far away internet friends can always see what his latest needs and wants are. No more phone calls and emails asking what the hell it is he needs this Christmas or birthday - simply check out his Wishpot! Two BIG thumbs up.


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6 chiming in:

House Lifting Stafford, TX said...

awesome post!

<3 Lindsay

Anonymous said...

cool blog post - will for sure need to check out

Lavender Luz said...

This is awesome on two counts. It makes it easy on both the giver and on the givee.

Well done as always, Chicklet!

Sheri said...

It sounds like people could use Wishpot for birthdays and holidays so that family and friends would have a list of things their loved ones really want to receive in the right color, size, quantity, etc.

Thanks, Chicklet! Great review!

GeekByMarriage said...

Makes me wish I had things to wish for!

Dora said...

This is PERFECT for me! Thanks! Oh my goodness, how cool is it that I can pick out adorable things from Etsy!!

This makes up for freaking me out about the "H" word.

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