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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tums Are My Best Friend

I, chicklet, am 36 weeks pregnant. And I, chicklet, have been suffering from ENDLESS heartburn for the last two months. While I've had a SUPER easy pregnancy overall - with heartburn as my biggest complaint, so yes, I know, "woe is me" - the thing that's been driving me out of my MIND lately, has been the heartburn.

I get it from eating, from NOT eating, from drinking, from NOT drinking, from exercising, or from doing the complete opposite - laying on my side but apparently laying too "level" or flat. And while it started off pretty intermittently, and was just some simple heartburn, it progressed into FULL BLOWN acid reflux, with the charming side effect of waking up in the night to having thrown up in my mouth... good times...

And while I'm very aware there's all SORTS of home remedies out there, I can honestly say I'VE TRIED THEM ALL, and for me, NONE OF THEM WORK. And yes, while there are drug options, I don't really know why, but I've been really hesitant to go that route unless I really REALLY can't take it anymore. So while it drives me CRAZY, I CAN take it, so no drugs for me just yet.

What HAS worked though, has been Tums. Tums, Tums, and MORE Tums. I had some stashed in my desk, I have another container in my purse, and I leave a couple on my night-table for those good times in the middle of the night. I LIVE and BREATHE for my Tums.

The best thing about Tums is that they work within MINUTES. The other bonuses? Well, they've got a TON of calcium in them (which is never a bad thing for a woman, let alone a pregnant woman, to have), they're CHEWABLE so you never need water to wash them down, and if you buy the fruit-flavored ones, they're even kinda "candy-esque" so can feel like a little TREAT in some ways.

And while the container says not to take more than 5 in a day if you're pregnant, my OB was fine with me taking more if I needed. His preference was like mine - to avoid the drugs if I could. So if that meant more Tums, he was A-OK with that.

So at roughly $8-10 a pack (for 160), or at $18.70 for Amazon's double-pack, they're worth EVERY PENNY if you're suffering from heartburn. Two BIG thumbs up from me.


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4 chiming in:

Erica912 said...

Tums were my life for the last 2-3 months of pregnancy with my daughter so I completely agree, the "smoothies" were the best. Switched to the rolaids (i think) soft chews near the end only because they were on sale and I could stash them in my purse easier, plus they are SO yummy!

Lavender Luz said...

Two tums up, huh?


You make me want them even if I'm not throwing up a little in my mouth.

Hopefully you'll be pH-balanced in a few weeks.

Sheri said...

I'm glad you have found "tum-thing" to help you out!

OK. That was bad (and you know who I'm related to...). Yes...Lavender Luz and her "Two tums up," comment just got me going.


Here's to a happy Tum-my! :)

Kaci said...

Tums were my best friend at the end of my pregnancies!

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