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Sunday, November 1, 2009

You Too Should go to U2

I don't know if we've done a concert review before, but I gotta say, after what I saw Wednesday night, you HAVE to go to U2 if they're coming to your city. Oh, and if you're a fan of course.

Wednesday night, at 37.5 weeks pregnant, we went to U2. For my first EVER U2 concert. To see a band who many many MANY times before I'd WISHED I'd gone, but many many MANY times before I'd cheaped out instead.

This time though, it was like the last hurrah. You know - what if they NEVER toured again? Or what if once we have Tiny B, we NEVER leave the house AGAIN? It was DO or DIE people! If we didn't go THIS time, we might not EVER go! And I just couldn't bear going to my grave never having seen U2.

And as a pretty big fan (ie. I know MOST lyrics to MOST songs, but I don't know EVERY lyric to EVERY song they've ever written), even at $120/ticket, and bone-sober, it was worth EVERY penny. Admittedly, when you first go in, the stage seems as OliveGirl said... ostentatious. But don't let it put you off, because once they start it up, you'll see it's actually just the gear AROUND the stage that's insane - everything else is pretty damn cool. And pretty damn smartly built to boot! (I refuse to give away secrets in case you go.)

They do a good mix of old and new, but if you haven't heard the new album, it's worth getting it ahead of time so you're familiar as they DO do a fair amount of it. However, they also do some acoustic versions of some of the songs you go SPECIFICALLY to hear (because you've played them for 10-20 years now!) - and well, they're wicked. RELIGIOUSLY so. Meaning there's DEFINITELY some songs in there that had this pretend-to-be hardass a little teary-eyed. Yea, it COULD have been the hormones, but really I think it's just that these SPECIFIC songs done acoustically were really just THAT powerful.

They also do some pretty damn cool things related to issues going on in the world right now. Again, I refuse to give away secrets in case you go, but even as a fairly NON-political kinda gal, this stuff was VERY cool. It wasn't over-done in ANY way, and it definitely wasn't overkill at all. Just some nice touches from a band who holds a lot of clout, so why NOT do some of these things.

And so without even being trashed (sometimes a necessary state to be in to enjoy a concert), U2 rocked my world Wednesday night. They also rocked Tiny B's world cuz good GAWD the vibrations had him going insane all night, but two BIG thumbs up from me. So much so that I'd go again if they were to ever come back.


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3 chiming in:

Lavender Luz said...

Oh, boy, do I envy that experience. You always give great advice, so if they come here I will get tix.

So, are you going to name your baby Bono?

Sheri said...

The concert sounds great! I bet that is what has caused Tiny B to be dancing and doing gymnastics.

Denise said...

Lori, they are coming here June 12th. Not sure if it sold out or not, but I would imagine it did. We ordered tickets online about 15 minutes after they went on sale and ended up with nosebleed tickets! It will still be worth it. Chicklet, so glad you got to go!

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