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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Wanna Play Inside the Cardboard Box

When it comes to having a kid, there are some things I think every parent fears. Definitely, there's all those awful things I shall not mention as I don't like my mind to even GO to those places, but there's also those PETTY things, those WEIRD things, those things you swore UP and DOWN you'd never do when YOU had a kid, yet you know you probably WILL end up doing them anyway - it's just much more fun to live in denial and pretend YOU'LL be the exception to the rule...

One of those WEIRD things *I* personally fear, is having to listen to music that makes me want to pull my hair out - music that's the equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. And while yes, I DO understand that there will be times when the battle's not worth fighting, and listening to some CRAP will be a whole HELL of a lot easier than fighting to NOT listen to some crap, I also understand that if I'm going to listen to some of this on REPEAT for the next FIVE years or so, it'd be a real freakin' BONUS if it was something *I* liked too.

Enter, Mr. Whit - parent-friendly kids music.

A couple weeks ago, Mark Whittaker and Nick Stephens sent me a CD, asking if on the basis of receiving a free copy of their CD, I'd review it here on All Thumbs. I agreed, but got greedy and asked for 2 extra copies to give away in the review:-).

So in the midst of the donkey shift, and this whole ADJUSTMENT period the husband and I are going through with our 2 and a half week old little boy, we gave the CD a go. And I have to say, it's pretty fun stuff! Admittedly, it isn't music I'd buy if I didn't have a kid - meaning it's not the kind of music you have on as background music while your adult friends are over for dinner or drinks - but it IS fun stuff to have on if you DO have children.

The music is happy, it's laid-back, and it's got kid-safe lyrics that you DON'T have to worry your child will repeat in front of grandma and have her jaw drop to the floor. And to make it a bit more fun for the parents? Some of the lyrics are even kinda cheeky with phrases like "I wanna play inside the cardboard box" - a song about a birthday party where all the kid wants it to play with the cardboard box... instead of all the cool gifts.

But if you're looking for something with a bit more feeling to it? The husband's and my favorite was definitely Homework Blues - a bluesy song that had the husband already looking forward to the days when Dayton wants nothing to do with his homework, and dad can commiserate with him over how much homework really DOES suck.

So if you're looking for something a little different to put on, or an idea for a great stocking stuffer, Mr. Whit gets two definite thumbs up from me. Through their website, the CD is available for $9, or single songs can be downloaded for $0.99.

Or... for 2 lucky winners, you could receive a copy free! Leave a comment between now and Sunday December 20th noting who the two songwriters are (hint: I wrote it above AND it's on their website), and using I'll draw and announce 2 lucky winners!


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8 chiming in:

Sheri said...

If the music is still fun for middle-schoolers, I'll enter into the drawing to win the CD by: Mark Whittaker and Nick Stephens.

If it's not for middle-schoolers, I have some pretty cool nieces and nephews that have stockings that need to be filled.

I'm in!

Cathy said...

Mark Whittaker and Nick Stephens are the composers. Sounds like a good CD for little ones.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Mark Whittaker
Nick Stephens

There's all sorts of non-gross kids music now, a lot from former indie rock artists. Or, you can focus on quality grown-up music. My friend's daughter was into Beatles and Smiths at 2, Def Leppard and Fleetwood Mac at 3...

Lavender Luz said...

I've given Mr Whit a listen as well and they get thumbs up from me, too. It's like The Incredibles. Good for the kids and the grownups as well.

Glad you're greedy :-)

Meghan said...

I'm definately looking for music that doesn't make me pull my hair out. I'll give this CD by mark Whittaker and Nick Stephens a go

katedaphne said...

I'd love to hear some music by Mark Whittaker and Nick Stephens. I too prefer music for the babies that doesn't make my ears bleed. I like Jusin Roberts a lot, check out his CD "Meltdown."

Lavender Luz said...

KateDaphne --

Too bad you didn't allow us to access your email addy. If you had, I could have shared this link with you (Justin Roberts):

My name is Andy. said...

I think Mark Whittaker and Nick Stephens have found a great winning combination! some kids music is sooo scary! It's nice to have something that appeals to both kids and parents!

thanks for the review ladies!

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