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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye. Hello.

Eagle eyes will notice that there have been subtle changes taking place on All Thumbs recently. You might remember that Chicklet announced that she's hanging up her thumbs (some lame excuse about not sleeping and taking care of a 2 month old -- ha!). After all her excellent reviews in this space, she's earned a little tribute.

If I may bug her and get serious for a moment, I want to express how absolutely awesome it has been working with her, building this sassy little blog with her the past nearly 2 years. She is amazingly dedicated, uber professional, freaking hilarious, always straight up -- an all-around classy chick. She has enriched me. And hopefully you.

OK, Chicklet. You can open your eyes again.

So, what now? Who could possibly follow all that?

Enter aNOTHER pregnant chick (it's OK if I tell, right?) whose second baby was delayed not by infertility but by paralysis on the part of her husband. My sassy sister Tami is joining me in this space.

Tami and her husband, Gino were Body For Life Champions (2nd runners up, if you wanna get technical) in 2000. Click over to see their inspiring before and after pix. Gino has, against all medical expectations, recovered well enough from Guillain-Barre Syndrome to return to work this month for the first time in 3 years (yay and double yay!).

Tami is mom to 5 year-old Dominic, and she teaches soccer, basketball, gymnastics and dance through a local rec center. If 5 year-olds had voting rights and a little more clout, I'm sure she'd be elected mayor. She can't go anywhere without being mobbed by them and is a rock star in their eyes.

Baby #2 is due in late summer. My daughter Tessa is SO hoping for a girl, as she has a brother and 4 boy cousins.

You may have already read Tami in this space when she wrote about the Uni-Boob. Her solo blog is called Mommy Means Well and will be developing soon.

Please give a warm welcome to my lifelong BFF (well, she's in the top two, anyway), Tami.


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9 chiming in:

My name is Andy. said...

Very Cool!

Can't wait to see Tami's Reviews!

Denise said...

Welcome, Tami! You have some pretty big shoes to fill taking over for Chicklet. But, since you share genes with Lori, I'm sure you're up to the challenge!

Oh, and congrats on your pregnancy!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Welcome, Tami! Congrats on the baby!

chicklet said...

Welcome Tami! And big congrats:-)

And Lavender... ya know deep down I like the sappy stuff. I'll miss sharing this with you LOTS, but will still be spying, reading, and bothering you via email in between butt changes.

excavator said...

Yay, Tami!

How're you feeling?

Sheri said...

I'm SO excited to welcome Tami to All Thumbs! Yeah!

I read Tami's solo blog last night. It is AWESOME!

OK. I am a bit biased, because I'm related to Tami...but she truly is a wonderful woman!

She is one of my life-long BFF's too. Can't wait for baby #2 (a girl?) Maybe I'll have to see what the tarot cards say. Hmmm....

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Welcome Tami!

Tami said...

Thanks, everyone, for your welcome wishes! I hope I can do Chicklet justice, oh, and Lori, too. And I just know when my baby comes, s/he will instantaneously sleep through the night so Lori won't be searching for another bloggidy partner come September.

THANK YOU, Chicklet, for leading the way for me on this blog. And all this time I thought LORI was the snowplow. We welcome your spying, reading and even your bothering. (If you get too mean, we'll just blame it on no sleep.)

Kristin said...

Welcome Tami!

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