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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Organic - Updated!

Want to buy a baby you know a cute little outfit? Want it to be 100% organic, and made with water-based & baby-safe dyes? Well look no further than Noah's Inspirations. A little while ago, their Chief Inspirator - Edward Dunigan - contacted All Thumbs, and with the gift of two onesies (one for a giveaway!), we easily arranged this review.

Originally, I chicklet, will admit to wondering if this review was really for me. While they DO offer very cute baby onesies (and I DO have a baby), my concern was the religious phrases used on the clothing - I'm an atheist. But digging through their site a little, I found half of them to be just really simple and applicable to any situation. And I felt like if you could get me interested in them, why not anyone else? I'd kinda be a tougher sell wouldn't I?

So we made the arrangements, and I received the "Holy Terror" onesie for D, and all in all, it's really quite cute. It fits him great (he's long, so is wearing a bigger size), it's REALLY soft material, and so far it's washed quite well. Admittedly I'm a cheap-ass so the $25 price point is a bit more than *I'd* normally spend on my own kid, but when buying gifts, I'm usually willing to spend a little more - particularly when I know organic matters to the mom - so these are totally within the normal price range of what I'm finding for organic baby clothing. It also helps to know they're using water-based and baby-safe dyes.

Noah's Inspirations can be purchased online, and their return policy is one of those good ones that some online stores don't abide by. So this reviewer would give Noah's Inspirations two thumbs up.


To get your own FREE 12-mo-size baby onesie (we chose the "Miracles Do Happen" in honor of the IF chickas still reading), just leave a comment here stating who the Chief Inspirator at Noah's Inspirations is. The winner will be drawn Sunday March 6th.

Updated: Our winner is Wehaf! Let me know your address Wehaf and I will send out the onesie asap:-)


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4 chiming in:

Flying Monkeys said...

I would spend $25 on a onesie for someone else as a gift but not myself. Yikes! My poor kids.

Wehaf said...

Their chief inspirator is Edward Dunigan.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Lavender Luz said...

Somehow I think you chose your slogan wisely.

Such a cool product it almost makes me want to have a third.

But not quite.

Sheri said...

They sound like cute onesies, but not enough to make me want another kid. :)

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