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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yoga Accessories: Reviews & Giveaway

Seems I placed so many orders at that the company decided to send me some samples to try out.

(Be sure to read to the bottom to for giveaway and discount information.)

First I'll review some of the items I ordered and paid for.

Round Yoga Mat: We sent a pair of these 6 foot diameter mats to our friends as a wedding present. I had originally gotten one for myself but it was just too heavy to lug around so I sent it back. Then, while looking for a gift for a couple who has everything, Roger and I realized that these mats would be perfect. The bride practices yoga and the groom is a yoga instructor. AND they have a yoga studio in their home, meaning they won't have the lugging around problem I had.

Bride and groom give a thumbs up. $65.

Yoga Stick-e Gloves: Previously, I reviewed competing product Yoga-Paws, which cost $35. At half the price I can solve the problem of slipping hands with Stick-e Gloves. I like Stick-e Gloves also because they are not as bulky as the Yoga-Paws. However, I predict that they will also prove to be not as sturdy.

Thumbs up at $18.

Now for reviews of the complimentary items.

Disclaimer: I received free samples (value $87) for purposes of sharing my honest opinions.

Dragonfly Printed Yoga Mat: These gorgeous nature-inspired mats are double-thickness (1/4 inch) and extra long (74"). They come in purples, greens, blue and red. I had to scrub off the initial slickness from mine, but otherwise it's a beautifully serene mat to practice on. $25, with optional matching bag for $11.

5'' Big Foam Yoga Block: This was a move up from my 3" yoga block (measured on the shortest side). I do find this bigger sized block helpful on poses such as Half Moon, in which I need to raise the floor to stay long in both side bodies. $20. (Please note, in the photo by my daughter, Tessa, that this is a pose in progress.)

Deluxe Silk Eye Pillow
: This soft flax-filled pouch is lightly perfumed with one of my favorite scents, lavender. It smells and feels relaxing when I place the pillow over my eyes for meditation or rejuvenation. $11.
Bruce, the owner of,is giving away an entire Nature Inspired mat set, valued at $47 (printed mat and bag, as above, plus a matching water bottle), to one All Thumbs Reviews reader. Just leave a comment below with the color of your choice (click over to see your choices) by April 5 and we'll randomly draw a winner. The mat set will be sent to the winner directly.

In addition, should you wish to buy any of the hundreds of YogaAccessories on the site, you can get a 10% discount by May 31 by entering this discount code: next 2476

Namaste, every One.
**UPDATE** selected #3, which means my partner Tami was drawn. Considering she's ineligible, I drew again, and #4 was chosen. So Flying Monkeys wins her olive/dark green bamboo mat set. Congrats to her, and thanks to everyone for entering!

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15 chiming in:

MrsSpock said...

We have a yoga block set, and I will say it is very helpful for both my inflexible husband and my fibro-addled body.

The dragonfly printed mat is SUPER-cute!

I think the hibiscus lavender mat (style 2) is the cutest.

I'll have to send this link to my yoga-instructor SIL.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

So you mean to say that if I used a block for half moon, I could reduce the number of times that I topple over?

It's totally unlike me to pick any color that's not purple or blue, but there's something really nice about the Bamboo 2.

Tami said...

I've just excavated a room in my house which is now my yoga room. What a difference it makes to have a beautiful, pristine, clean and quiet place to call my yoga home.

The right tools are just as important to your yoga experience. I can imagine how the block and extra thick mat can make a big difference in presence throughout a yoga session.

I have a lavender eye pillow and LOVE it. I have always used it as a stress releiver, but just recently began using it while meditating. It really helps boost focus and intention. (Lori, can yours be heated and/or chilled for more intense sensation?)

All I have to say is

Sounds like my thumbs are up, too!

Flying Monkeys said...

I like the olive/dk green bamboo. I'm not very flexible so those blocks would be handy, I've never seen them that size before though.

Diana said...

Wow, I love the light green bamboo mat! It looks so serene.

Jingle said...

These are fantastic! I love the red Koi printed mat! Beautiful and inspiring!!!
jinglesells at gmail dot com

chicklet said...

Wow, free yoga stuff - yay!

Sheri said...

Timing is EVERYTHING! I am in need of a new yoga mat! I like the blue and white Koi yoga mat. :)

Thanks for reviewing these yoga accessories. I like to know how something works before I buy it.

P.S. You looked great in your half-moon pose. :) Maybe I need a block like that to help me out!!!

m said...

how did you KNOW I was in search of a new mat???? It seems my super discounted one from TJ Maxx just isn't cutting it anymore.

I would love to replace it with the lavender dragonfly one.

Tami, I've never even thought about using an eye pillow while meditating - not that I do it often. But I bet the added weight might help me focus. Definitely worth trying...

amie said...


battynurse said...

Those are really cool. I keep thinking I should give yoga a try again. I like the purple dragonfly one.

MandMsWorld said...

oooooh - yoga block...heard those help the unflexable with some balance...and love dragonfly mat - girly exercise equipment rocks!

Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

A dragonfly printed yoga mat would be lovely. The dragonflies were a really popular symbol a couple of years back! I took am doing a giveaway, a couple of Neti Pot's once I hit 100 facebook followers!

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com



Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

Thanks for having a subscribe by email option! I love that option!

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

also giving away some singer featherweight accessories on my sewing blog, but that is over at I use my singer fw to make eye pillows, and zafu's and yoga bolsters!

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

Tami said...

DARN! And 6 weeks ago, I would have been the winner.

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