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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do Shape Ups make you shapely?

Shape Ups by Skechers have not, as far as I can tell, shrunk my thighs or my butt, improved my postured, tightened my abdomen, toned my muscles, or cleaned my kitchen.

And yet?

I. Love. My. Skechers Shape Ups.

Why do I love them? It's that simple thing you want from shoes: THEY ARE COMFORTABLE. When I researched them online before buying ($100 at I read that wearing Shape Ups was comparable to walking on mattresses. Which it is.

Plus, Shape Ups are high. They make me taller.

Zappos reviewers say the sizes run a bit small, so I got a half-size bigger than I usually wear. There are dozens of styles and colors and are made for both women and men. I have begun to see women wearing them, but Joe Montana (in the commercial) is the only man I've seen in ShapeUps.

Caveats: Shape Ups are good for walking and standing, but I would not recommend wearing them for any activity that uses lateral movement. Shape Ups are designed to be unstable so that your muscles have to work harder to maintain stability. That instability plus the height make the shoes precarious for activities other than walking and just wearing around. These are not athletic shoes in the pure sense.

As Tami says, any toning that comes from wearing them will be because you feel like walking more.

I have heard others say that there is an adjustment period with these shoes, where knee and hip joints can ache as the body realigns. I did not experience this.

Since the time my Shape Ups arrived 3 months ago, these have been my go-to shoes. I give Shape Ups ten toes up.

I found a $10 off coupon for you, good until July 1. So if you've been considering Shape Ups (or any Skechers product), now you can save a little. Just follow the link and directions below.

Save $10 OFF your purchase of $50 or more on with Coupon Code: "SPRBONW"

Walk on!

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12 chiming in:

Sheri said...

I've been seeing more and more people wearing Shape Ups and I'm curious to try on a pair to see how they fit.

Thanks for the great review...and a $10 off coupon.

Walk On...for sure!

MrsSpock said...

I've wondered if those work. Did your legs feel sore the first time wearing them?

Not a good option for me however, as I have balance and stability issues already.

Lavender Luz said...


I never felt sore or any pain.

You're probably right about them not serving you well if you're dealing with balance and stability issues.

On the bright side, you now have $100 unspent!

Tami said...

I didn't realize how comfortable they were.

And yes, if they get people into a mindset that encourages activity, that's always a good thing.

Suzy said...

I always wondered if they were comfy or not.

Love the "ten toes up"! :)

Kymberli said...

I considered buying these. Your review might just make me do it.

Nicole said...

I love mine! I have noticed a huge difference in my posture and in the muscle tone of my calves (though I am not sure if the latter is because of the shoes or because I am on a mission to actually get muscle definition in my calves and am doing calf raises like they are going out of style.)

I wear mine a lot when I am standing in the kitchen cooking or folding laundry and have worn them to the zoo a couple times.

chicklet said...

I've been tempted by the flip-flop version but skeptical of them doing anything for my butt or calves. Good to know the truth - comfy, but no fabulous butt.

Teri said...

Does anybody remember Earth Shoes? They were trendy for awhile in the 70s. The heel was lower than the footbed, which was supposed to simulate walking in sand. They would tone your legs, strengthen your back and stretch your Achilles tendon. I haven't tried the new rocker-soled shoes yet, but they seem to be making the same claims as Earth Shoes. (Btw... I think Curves had them long before Skechers picked up the idea.)

battynurse said...

I tried a cheaper version (LA Gear) and like them too. I can't say that I've noticed a difference in the shape of my body etc although I did notice the back of my thighs ached a little after the first time I wore them.

Becca said...

I love my Shape-Ups, but mostly for the same reasons as you. I love wearing them when it rains too because my pants don't get wet. I have noticed if I walk up hills in them it's really hard, but that's about it. I have been starting to see men wearing them within the last few weeks actually LOL

Flying Monkeys said...

My SIL has the Reebok version, I'll have to ask her how she likes them. I have a friend who has a different version and she loves them.

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