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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pop-Tarts®: A Vanilla Milkshake Summer and $100 giveaway

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Pop-Tarts.

When a box of Kellogg's® Pop-Tarts® Ice Cream ShoppeVanilla Milkshake toaster pastries arrived at our door, my children were beside themselves. They had never experienced such a sweet treat.

I, too, was excited. We were starting the Summer of Swim Team, and I knew it would be helpful to have ready-made snacks on hand.

(When choosing new foods, I refer to the nutrition label to make sure that I am aware what my children are consuming. Here is the official Sprinklings site.)

Reed broke into a package right away. Then, being the good blogger son he is, he immediately gave me a quote: "The Pop-Tarts taste really nice and sweet and I love the sprinkles!"

But our larger assignment was to create a recipe using our Pop-Tarts®. So I let the kids' imagination run wild, and what they came with was.....Pop-Tarts® S'mores!

Assemble as shown and microwave for 15 seconds. (Other recipes, including holiday ideas, are available here.)

Does it get any sweeter better?

Well, actually it does. Commenters on this post and my next Pop-Tarts post will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card from BlogHer. The contest runs June 21-July 4, and complete contest details are here. There are 9 other chances to win, so visit these other participating review blogs to up your chances.

The winner will be selected via random drawing and will notified by e-mail. After the close of the contest, you'll have 48 hours to get back to me (if I am unable to reach you); otherwise a new winner will be selected.

What do I require of you here? Tell about one of your favorite portable summer snacks for your children. That's it -- easy as Pop-Tarts!

UPDATE: selected #10, so AreYouKiddingMe, come on down!
You've won the $100 from BlogHer.

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44 chiming in:

Cathy said...

That looks like lots of sugar but it is summer and what is summer with out Smores?

Mami2jcn said...

My son is crazy about go-gurt and fruit roll-ups.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Dora said...

Chocolate pop tarts are a secret love of mine. But they must be toasted.

I could really use that gift card. I'm hoping to be moving in a month or so. I could use it to buy something for the baby's room! :-)

jillyrh said...

My son's favorite is go-gurts and capri sun's in the pouch!

Kelsey Kim said...

Probably peaches/nectarines.

Bonggamom said...

frozen gogurt, bananas and apples.

Aly said...

My favorite on the go snack is definitely a big bag of grapes. My little boy loves then too.

Aly at infertilityoverachievers dot com

Anonymous said...

Favorite portable snacks are fruit rollups, string cheese (though it's only truly portable when it's not so HOT outside!) and apples or oranges!

Sheri said...

Pop Tarts are a favorite in my house but I haven't tried the Vanilla Milkshake variety.

My teenagers will eat almost anything in sight (and LOTS of it and MORE of it about 20 minutes later)!

Pop tarts, Granola bars, cereal, and lots of other pre-packaged snacks are favorites around here. I'm hungry. Gotta go grab a quick snack!

areyoukiddingme said...

My favorite on-the-go snack is a bag full of crackers (Cheez-its! My favorites!). For summer, though, fruit gets more portable with the blueberries, grapes, and strawberries. We love that!

Carrie said...

goldfish, my kids are 10 and 8 and they still love the goldfish!

Kristi said...

Trail mix is an easy on the go snack.

@Carrie I still love goldfish. =)

kristisdeals1 at yahoo dot com

Leigh said...

Our 2 year old loves cheese sticks & cut up fruit.


Blue Girl said...

what a cute idea!

We love goldfish snacks and grapes!

Melinda said...

We LOVE to freeze Pop-Tarts- anything frozen is great.

s'mores are our fav snack

Anonymous said...

I love the mini ice cream sandwiches! Perfect summertime treat! Ice Cream and a pool - perfect combination!

mjharvey26 at yahoo dot com

name: joy

Ali said...

Mmmm, pop tarts. Ritz bitz crackers are a great snack for my boys!

Princess Golden Hair said...

my kids just love smoothies and milkshakes.

teechbiz at gmail dot com

samantha said...

The best portable summer snack is a frozen banana. Voila!

samanthajocampen at gmail

Shel said...

That looks fantastic...I love marshmallows.

Our favorite portable summer snack..watermelon. I buy one and cut it up and package it in smaller containers so my daughter can just grab and go. We also love those pop-ice summer fun since you can get a whole box for about $3.

Emily N. said...

cheese sticks are great.

momznite said...

Grapes are delicious and easy to eat anywhere. Goldfish are also very portable.

Angie Marion said...

Ours is ice cream and these smores look great! I'm definitely gonna try these!

pricousins at aol dot com

Flying Monkeys said...

I think I just went into a sugar coma looking at that, my boys would love them though.

Missybeez said...

My kids like go-gurt and trail mix packs.

Nita said...

raisins and fresh fruit

lizzyhovey said...

I love teddy grahams

Toystory said...

We like NUTS. They can be any combo or variation (like flavored, honey coated, etc.) and peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachio's!! We can take a can,or a little snack bag full of one or combination of types.

Mandy W. said...

Because my kids feel they will be total social outcasts without them, they eat ring pops at the pool twice a week. I also pack plenty of healthy stuff, but they need that nasty junk sometimes as well!

Amy said...

My kids are grown, but when they were younger I always had granola bars, fruit roll-ups, goldfish crackers, and peanut butter crackers for on the go snacks.

ababe28 said...

It's Chilled grapes around here. The kids love them at the pool because they are cold and refreshing.

JC said...

One of my favorite portable summer snacks for my kids is fruit roll ups.

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

pestkaj said...

We are all about the popsicles in the summer!!


Anne J said...

My favorite portable snack in the summer is cookies.
ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

JoeyfromSC said...

I love anything with marshmallows in it! yum!

S'mores are my fave anyway lol

Well, my brothers I raised are grown now, but when I go out and about with my Godson, he likes to have grapes on hand!! I mean he loves all fruits pretty much, but those seem to be the easiest to transport in a container with a tight fitting lid lol

thanks for the chance to win!


chicklet said...

Woohoo, I have a chance to win!

My kid's favorite portable snack is boob... but if that's inappropriate, it's actually Baby Mum Mum's right now. They save my life again and again and again.

One day, we will eat pop tart smores however. One day, we will we will!

Phoebe said...

I have two sons of opposite tastes. One likes animal crackers for portable snacks. The other isn't much of a snacker, but would probably take beef jerky. I wonder if you could make a pop-tart in beef jerky flavor?!

Genevieve P said...

We like muffins. I usually make them in double batches, with lots of fruit and nuts mixed in, and they always go fast!

fawn said...

homemade trail mix is easy to stow in baggies. We're also fans of crackers and cheese.

Umm, your pop tarts look delicious! My mouth is watering. :)

slehan said...

Frozen bananas on a Popsicle stick, rolled in chopped peanuts are very good - and good for you. Thanks for the contest.

angie lilly said...

Another great portable snack are granola bars! They don't melt (as long as you stay away from the chocolate ones) and often contain fruit! mmm
one 4 earth at aol dot com

Scott said...

even though they can be a bit messy, Cheez-its are always on hand!
nynekats at aol dot com

VickieB said...

small fruit like cherries or grapes are always refreshing. But, my snack at work is a granola bar.

Mari said...

Popsicles if we're In the mood for a sweet snack otherwise we make string cheese with a slice of ham wrapped aound it.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com

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