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Saturday, July 29, 2006

About All Thumbs

Lori and Tami spent their lives reviewing things together. From their first box of macaroni & cheese, to episodes of The Brady Bunch, to their sixth grade teacher . You see, Lori and Tami are sisters. Tami is the much younger one (and, consequently, the one who wrote this "About Us" page).

Lori launched All Thumbs Reviews with her bloggy friend Chicklet. When Chicklet was ready to depart, Tami was anxiously waiting to attempt to fill Chicklet's shoes. (Tami says Chicklet can borrow her "reviewer" shoes any time.) Fitting well with their shared goals of building a community and writing sassily for a living, the partnership has resulted in a bunch of reviews, a ton of emails, and a couple dozen drinks - some of them even discussing the business of All Thumbs Reviews.

Lori lives with her husband and two children in Colorado. Her posts offer practical advice on products and services -- the tried and true, as well as the new and the bold. Her solo blog is, where she tackles topics as diverse as spirituality and 1970s trivia, open adoption and living mindfully. You can follow Lori on Twitter @LavLuz.

Tami lives 5.8 miles from Lori, though their lives took many turns to bring them back together ... geographically. A Body-for-LIFE champion, Tami shares her home with her husband (codename: reaper), energetic son and their "war kitty." Tami is outspoken (dare I say opinionated?) and demands products and services provide what they have promised. With a background in marketing in the book publishing industry, she has always has witty words at the tip of her fingers. She is a coach for kids 18 months to 18 years by day, and when she's still awake she blogs at Mommy Means Well and Start Today Fitness.

Now a guest-reviewer, Chicklet lives with her husband in British Columbia and provides the tasteful, the cutting edge, and the great finds on the internet. Her solo blog is at Bloorb, and you can follow Chicklet on Twitter @Bloorb.

We thank you for visiting, and would be hasty NOT to say that we'd love to see you here regularly -- when either Tami posts, OR Lori posts. Just click the Subscribe button on the right, and you'll get your fill of sass whenever we're feeling downright sassy.

1 chiming in:

Sheri said...

Already subscribed and love your reviews.

Feel like I'm part of the review "family" somehow!


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