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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Games2U: Way to party!

In this post I impersonate a rodent (doesn't that sound oxymoronic?).

The hamsterization of me came as part of trying out a really cool game concept, along with 35 of my friends, young and old.

A company called Games2U, which is franchised in 26 states throughout the US, has recently established a presence in my city. Adriana, the owner of the Denver franchise, contacted me to offer a sample party.

What's the concept? A huge game van comes to your home or a nearby park and sets up a game (or 2 or 3) to entertain you and your guests. You choose from a long list of games, some done inside the van (Xbox), some done along side the van (3 screens of Wii set up in a mobile theater), and many, many done outside.

We eschewed Booger Wars and U*Bot, we decided against the Foam Machine and the Toss & Fly. Instead, we chose the Giant Hamster Ball and Laser Tag. Check out this video montage of the day, which includes a clip of my co-reviewer Tami. You can see that both kids and grownups got into the Giant Hamster Ball, and that Laser Tag was a hit, as well. At the end is a tour of the van.

To top off the day, Games2U attendants shot the Candy Cannon. Click over and listen to the squeals. Do you think my status with my kids' friends shot up as a result?

Party packages start at $199, comparable to what you might spend at Chuck E Cheese or other kiddie places. But Games2U is also good for adults -- team building, office parties and neighborhood parties, for example. Being mobile, Games2U would also be good for a school's field day or a scouting event. These were some of the ideas my guests came up with.

At the end of the allotted time (2 hours), I was sad to see the van leave my driveway. I wanted to roll around in that Giant Hamster Ball just one more time. Yeah, me and every other person at the party.

Thumbs up from me and all my guests!

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4 chiming in:

mary elizabeth said...

looks like a blast was had by all! my kids wish their mama wasn't such a ding dong and didn't forget to write in this even in the calendar!

Sheri said...

It looks like a ton of fun.

And I know your status shot up with at least one kid who had a really great time.

From the looks of it, I bet your status shot up with everyone at the party.

Too fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a ball! Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

Tami said...

I would have had more fun had I not had to wait for those ankle biters to finish rolling around in the ball so I could get my turn!

I'd give it my two thumbs up, but the thumbs were rolling all around in that hamster ball!

It was fun. Fun. FUN!

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