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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I "Can't Wait" to enjoy this review. You "Can't Wait" to win your own.

My husband is cynical. He is a half-empty / devil's advocate kind of guy. Any product he views might be acceptable, "but it would be so much better IF ..."  It is a rare occasion when a package arrives and he loves everything about a product.

But "totally cool" happened when Gino pulled Can't Wait Cards out of the mailbox. He may be a bit of a pessimist, but Gino is also a kid-at-heart. This is why, when it comes to products for kids, his opinion matters.

Kids love birthdays.

My son knew the month, day, and year of his birthday long before he figured out that my first name wasn't "Mom." All through the year he knows precisely how many months it is until his birthday. Since his birthday is at the end of the month, he gets to celebrate his birthday aaaaalllllll month long. Every day it is a countdown. Did I mention he's FIVE?

"Five-and-three-quarters," he would correct me. And if you know any kids who are between the ages of 4 and 12, the "and-a-half" part of their age is directly connected to their identity, much like the countdown that occurs days, weeks, and sometimes months before a child's birthday.

Birthdays rock. They are awesome.

And for kids, birthdays make the rest of the year worth the trouble.

Can't Wait Cards ($7-$15) are a fresh way to let the children in your life know that they are important to you, especially those who don't live in the same area as you. And that you think about them so much more often than on their actual birthday. Each set of Can't Wait Cards comes with one card for each year of the child's life. Not only do they receive a card from you for their birthday, they get an additional card for each year of his or her life, each leading up to "the big event."

For example, for his sixth birthday, my son will get six cards (a seven year old gets seven cards. A twelve year old gets twelve cards). The cards can be sent once a week for six weeks, or once a day for six days. If you are anything like me, they will be sent in order but the days they are mailed will be completely random, based on when I remember, or when I find a stamp, or when I make it to the nearest mailbox. No matter when they are sent, they are received with excitement, joy and pure childhood exhilaration.

The cards can be supplemented by a super-fun gift pack ($3) which contains all the perfect things children love: stickers, coloring books, notepads, bookmarks, etc. Like each set of cards, gift packs are age and gender specific.

"I created the cards for my niece’s 10th birthday. She lives over 100 miles away. Francesca is my God-daughter and I wanted to do something special for her," said Kevin Reilly, creator of Can't Wait Cards. "The cards are best suited for aunts, uncles and grandparents, especially those that live a long distance away."

I gave my son's cards to his Aunt Sheri and her family, who live four hours away. They will send the cards, stuffed with gifts from the gift pack, to Dominic during the weeks before his next birthday. I "can't wait" to make daily treks to the mailbox with him, awaiting the exciting new card.

The people at Can't Wait Cards have something going for them. They think like kids. And that is why kids will love receiving these cards. And when you send them, you will be the one who gets to make that kid feel special.

One lucky person who comments on this post will receive 2 sets of cards, complete with 2 gift packs. In your comment, include the best way you have ever celebrated a birthday, along with the age and gender of two people to whom you would like to send Can't Wait Cards. The contest runs through October 20.

The winner will be selected via random drawing and will notified by e-mail. After the close of the contest, the winner will have 48 hours to get back to me (if I am unable to reach you); otherwise a new winner will be selected.

I "Can't Wait" to see who wins!

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6 chiming in:

Clueless in Colorado said...

Wow! This sounds soooo cool! My kids are a little young to appreciate this but wow! I'd like to do this a few years from now when my daughter turns 5!!! The best bday thing so far. Gosh, a surprise 30th party for my best gal pal!!! Every woman seems to dread 30 but there's no reason for that because we all know life begins at 30! ;) anyway that was the most fun bday party yet!

Lavender Luz said...

This is great for kids who can't help but do the birthday countdown. Which is just about all of them.

Along with some adults.

If your husband is impressed, I'm impressed.

Tami said...

Clueless in Colorado - surprise parties are the best. I wish I could plan one for myself every year. And the 30's are the best! Such a decade of finding one's authentic self.

Tami said...

Lavender Luz, you will love them even more when your kids start receiving them from their favorite Aunt! (We'll see if Sheri is reading our blog!) LOL

Dora said...

These sound awesome! What a great idea!

lacy said...

How fun!! Nothing is better than getting stuff in the mail when you are a kid. LOVE IT!!!

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