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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheap way to steadily water your plants

Remember my thumbs down for Aqua Globes? A $22 investment for a product that doesn't work?

Well, I've got a better way to water plants, and it will cost you nothing (probably) and it may even be good for the environment by putting refuse to good use.

Check out my re-purposed wine bottles.

This avocado plant is being nurtured by a full-bodied Tempranillo, vintage 2009. The plant gulps a bottle a week. The drip marks you see along the brim of the pot are deliberate and not made by my special watering system.
The hoya is enjoying a mellow and young Pinot Noir. This plant needs a refill every 7-10 days.
I brought my basil plant in from the garden before the first frost so we'd have fresh herbs through the winter. This is a thirsty one, so it gets a 1.5 liter bottle from an undated Cabernet/Merlot blend. The basil is so much happier now that it doesn't depend on me to notice its droop in order to get quenched.

Soon my Caladium (elephant ear) will be sipping from a Shiraz bottle, and in a week or so my Wandering Jew will enjoy a bottle of Carménère (after Roger and I have consumed its original contents).

I had two initial worries that have not proven to be worrisome: (1) it is not difficult to tip the bottle into the soil without making a mess; (2) none of my experiments have leaked water in any way -- not on the surface, not in the lower reservoir, and not by the bottle tipping over.

Time for me to, uh, work on my project some more (hic). 13 more bottles of wine for my plants, 13 more bottles of wine...take one down, pass it around...12 more bottles of wine for my plants.

For more wine talk, see JJ's Virtual Wine Club.
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5 chiming in:

Sheri said...

What a great idea! My plants would like the more consistent (and timely) watering...and I like the (low maintenance) delivery system.

Perfect! Thanks for the tip!

Now I have to get busy. I have 15 plants myself! 15 bottles of wine for my plants...15 bottles of wine...

luna said...

this is awesome.

maybe I've had too much wine though. how does it know how much to water?

Lavender Luz said...

Luna, it's the same principle as the Aqua Globes, except that it works. Here's my laywoman's explanation:

Dry soil creates air pockets.
Air pockets create a vacuum.
Water flows into the vacuum and stops when the soil isn't dry anymore.

Either that, or...MAGIC!

The openings in the aqua globes were just too small for water to get throught. Wine bottles, though, are perfect.

Kristin said...

Thank you thank you thank to "water" some plants now!

Ann Ireland said...

I'm thrilled to have found this. I have a bunch of empty wine bottles I was saving for something and now they can be put to a good use. Now maybe I can avoid dry plants on vacation now!

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