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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Om Shanti Clothing. Zenilicious, with GIVEAWAY

Some reviews are easier to do than others. It exciting to find a product that you want to TELL EVERYONE ABOUT. That make you want to PASS OUT CARDS TO STRANGERS AT A FESTIVAL. And that cause people to come up to you and ask, "Where did you get that outfit? It's GORGEOUS!"

Allow me to present Om Shanti Clothing. I saw an ad in Yoga Journal and contacted the company to see if I could review some of their clothes (yoga is optional in wearing the clothes). The owner was kind enough to offer me a discount on my order in exchange for an honest review. And if you like these items I'm highlighting or anything else in the Om Shanti catalog, I'm going to tell you how you, too, can get special pricing.

Or maybe even $50 at Om Shanti Clothing.

Here is the outfit that caught my eye in the magazine, the one that prompts people to stop me on the street.
The tank and gauze pants (shown here in tie-dye ocean) also come in white, turquoise, and tie-dye desert. In addition there are wraps and beach bags in these vibrant prints. I have my eye on the tie-dye desert pants and on the tie-dye ocean bag (hint to family members who will someday ask me for birthday gift ideas; I always draw a blank). And on so many other things in the catalog.

I can't remember wanting to say "one of each" so badly, unless I'm sitting at the local cupcake store.

Here is a second outfit I chose.
The top is not currently available, but the very cute black and white capri pants are. And the design is also available in shorts and in long pants.

Modeling this shirt in 96 degree weather gives new meaning to the catcall "hot." I have something to look forward to when my beloved summer wanes.
I forgot to have my photographer take a pic of the back when I had him. So here are my wings on a hanger.
These styles also come in white and with hoodies.

Click over to the catalog to see what tickles your fancy. I'm not sure, but I suspect it's not REQUIRED that you do yoga while wearing Om Shanti clothes. You can do other activities, or just lounge around and look pretty. And with this special code at checkout, NAMASTE, you can take 20% off your bill if you place your order by August 31, 2011.

Om Shanti Clothing is offering one lucky reader $50 to spend at its store.

I'll select a winner using on August 31. Make sure I know how to reach you in the event that you win; otherwise check back the first week in September to see if I'm trying to reach you.

I hope you enjoy the zeniliciousness of Om Shanti Clothing as much as I do.
Submitted by Lori.

UPDATED: Lucretia, you win! Check your email.

15 chiming in:

Dora said...

Cool! I like the Tie Dye Ocean Stretch Crepe Wrap.

Daria said...

I like the tshirt with wings

Kristin said...

I truly LOVE that first!

areyoukiddingme said...

The clothes make me feel like I have to do yoga while wearing them!

Mary-Frances Main said...


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

the mandala shirt

Lucretia said...

Finding the comments was trickier than it seemed to be - but worth the effort! :)

mimi s said...

like the wings on a hanger. I don't know but it might be laughable for me to imply I'm an angel by wearing that one in public! I'm sure you can get away with that. :-)

Rajean said...

I like the tshirt w/wings, maybe in white. Angelic & all. I also like your poses :-) Impressive.

Chris Bird said...

I'm liking the black and white capri pants!

kia said...

Sweet clothes. I like the tie-dye pants up top.

Get Clued In! said...

The namaste shirt... LOVE THE SHIRTS... pants have to be petite for me and always become a problem but I love the capris... capris always fit. THANKS!!!! Love this giveaway, LOVE LOVE yoga, and to all you yoga lovers out there... NAMASTE!

Daisy said...

love the Organic Cotton / Spandex Capris - Black

Laughing Yoga Mama said...

You are looking quite fabulous in your Om Shanti clothes, Lori!! Thanks for showing them off for us. :)

Lucretia said...

This is surely a sign that I'm supposed to sign up for that twilight yoga class near me! :) *squee!*

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