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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shabby Apple dress: So much potential

Remember in my last post when I said some reviews were easier to do than others? Well this one is the counter-balance to that one. (You HAVE entered the giveaway for $50 in OmShanti clothing, haven't you?)

A year ago, approached me to do a review and offered me to select one from a menu of dresses.  All were good-looking and some suited me better than others did. In browsing the site, I really like this feature, in which you can shop by body type.

I eventually went off the menu I was given and selected this dress, The Madison (listed at $76), which, I see now has been featured in O Magazine. Now it can add AllThumbsReviews to its already impressive resume.

Cute, huh? At the time I was, perhaps, influenced by watching Mad Men Season 1 from the library. I fell in love with this dress on the page.

But not so much out of the box.

Let's just say I should have paid more attention to the reviews. (The buttons on the sleeves are a bit weird in their placement, and I put the dress on and it's fit is really really bad. It looks like a bag. To be fair, there are positive reviews, too.)

When I tried on the dress, the chest was too tight (that never happens to me!) and the waist was too loose. I told my Shabby Apple contact that I wouldn't be able to review the dress unless I had it altered, and I offered to send it back. She indicated she'd wait for me to have the dress altered and then I should provide a review.

$41 later, I have a striking dress that looks WONDERFUL on a hanger. I do get compliments on it when I wear it -- maybe because I have matching earrings -- but the fit is still off. You be the judge.

Above the bust it poofs. At the bust it puckers. At the waist it's just blah. The arms are tight and the fabric just doesn't lay right. From the hips down it looks downright matronly, don't you think?

Other than all that it's a cute dress.

But not one I can raise my thumbs for.
-- Submitted by Lori

3 chiming in:

Kathy said...

Yeah, I love it in the picture you shared from O, but no disrespect, I don't think it fits you well or really strikes me as your style. That's too bad. How fun that you got to pick one to review and how disappointing that you had to spend that kind of $ to get it altered. Not very cool. Thanks for sharing you experience!

areyoukiddingme said...

It looks like it should be flattering, but I'm not sure why it's not. I can't carry off the black and white pattern like that, but you are tall and should be able to. Hmmm. Wonder what's wrong with it. It does suck that you had to have it altered.

Sugar said...

Such a cute dress on the model (and after you had yours tailored), but gosh that sucks! Glad you wrote your honest opinion!

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