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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kalis Skincare products (with 20% discount code)

I had the opportunity to try out a few potions from a British company headed by an Italian scientist/formulist. The products reviewed here were given to me in exchange for a review. You, dear readers, can get the promotion code for a 20% discount, should you decide to order from Kalis Skincare. Read on.

First I checked out the company's website. I noticed that the company emphasizes the use of natural ingredients, but admits to using small amounts of chemicals for functionality.  The site also states it has no genetically engineered ingredients, and that it uses plant oils rather than mineral oils. Animals are not used in testing, certain carcinogens are not used, and packaging is minimal. Finally, if you're in the UK, you don't have to pay extra for shipping.

1. The Rose of Damascus cream, which I tested on my face and neck for a couple of weeks, was the first to go under the thumbs (or on the skin, as the case may be). My kids adore the smell, as do I -- rosy but not overpowering. Very moist but not heavy, which is much desired in my dry climate. There is no sunscreen in it, so SPF protection would require a second product

Here is the list of ingredients --click to embiggen. ($37.83 for 50 ml)
2. At the same time I tested the Rose cream on my face, I tested the Chestnut and Seaweed Toning Cream on my body. The website says that chestnut is an antioxidant, that caffeine can repair some skin damage (20 years of sunbathing is coming home to roost), and that carnosine (carnitine on the label -- I assume they are the same ingredient) can help combat wrinkles. The cream has an earthy smell, and it makes my limbs and body feel steeped in moisture. $40.92 for 200 ml. Label:

3. After the first trial period I got to the second string of products. I selected Superfood Plant Extract Emulsion, chosen because it claims to nourish the skin and prevent wrinkles (notice a theme?) Smells fine and  has pomegranate in it, a known antioxidant. $32.42 for 50 ml. Label:

4. Lastly, I tested the Night Night Face and Body Cream. Because, as you may have guessed, I HAVE DRY SKIN. Like the other potions, it smells good (thanks to the chamomile and marigold) and goes on luxuriously smooth, hydrating my skin. My husband actually commented on how soft my skin was the first time I used it! It's heavier (but not greasy) and best used at night. This formulation, like the others, seems to leave my skin better than it was prior to use. $40.92 for 200 ml. Label:

Number 3 was fine -- not bad but not spectacular. I give thumbs up for Numbers 1, 2, and 4, though. Such ratings speak well for the likelihood that you'll appreciate the rest of Kalis' products, even if your skin and climate aren't as dry as mine.

Should you wish to order these creams or any of the others formulations at Kalis-Skincare, you're in luck.  From now through March 31, 2012, you can get 20% off your order by using the code "ALLTHUMBS" at checkout.

Happy holidays to YOU and your skin.

I was sent samples of these products at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.

-- Submitted by Lori

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