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Friday, July 13, 2012

Glow from a 20% discount for Inner Aura workout clothes

If you're the type of person who believes in the power of words, if you have affirmations on sticky notes adorning your bathroom mirror and car dashboard, if you drink from a mug that has an inspiring saying on it, Inner Aura has workout clothes for you.

With "inspiration from within," Inner Aura clothing sheathes you in words that resonate. See this shirt that Inner Aura sent me?
Now look at it inside out.
I'm not sure the text makes me any bendier during a yoga class, but the shirts ($30 list price) are super comfortable and well-shaped, with a soft, feminine look, something my husband always appreciates.

Inner Aura sells men's clothes, too. The company also sent my husband a shirt to try. It fits him in a very flattering way. He looks HAWT in it, thanks either to the black styling or to his manly physique (OK, I'm biased). He is wearing the shirt this season as he trains for a half-Ironman triathlon. He says he likes the way the shirt feels, looks and functions.

On the right is the inside-out version of the shirt ($36 list price) (click too embiggen).
This shirt is made of microfiber oxymesh and Roger reports that it wicks well. I still won't hug him right after a run, though.

Founder Travis Hopkins shared Inner Aura's mission statement with me:
With inspiration at the forefront of everything we do...We design and manufacture the highest quality fitness apparel for people who know they have power within to achieve while also making a positive impact on others and the world in which we live.
I invite you to Like Inner Aura's Facebook page.

Travis is offering 20% off for readers of AllThumbsReviews readers, good through October 31, 2012. Check out all the offerings, including hats and water bottles that become my new favorites, and when you check out enter "ia20" for your 20% off.

As always, be good to yourself, inside and out.

2 chiming in:

Cara said...

That is such a cute idea. Being surrounded by inspiration while working out is a great idea (both mentally and now physically with these shirts!$

Gina @ Special Happens said...

I agree with Cara. I like the idea of being surrounded or wrapped in inspiration. The material looks like it would be incredibly comfortable too!

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