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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flim: The Heart of Christmas, with giveaway

I knew it was a tearjerker. It's just that I thought by knowing it, I'd be immune from the tears being jerked from my tear ducts.

The Heart of Christmas is based on the story of Dax Locke, young son of Austin and Julie Locke, and the radiating love of a community as he battled childhood cancer. Julie began a Caring Bridge blog while her son underwent treatment at St Jude Children's Research Hospital for leukemia.

The story was first covered by singer Matthew West’s single “One Last Christmas,” which has raised over $205,000 to date for St Jude's. The film was released on DVD last week and will show on the Gospel Music Channel on December 4.

One other way to see this film -- own it, even -- is to enter to win this giveaway. A DVD will be sent to one winner selected from commenter here. Just leave a comment below by November 1 and will select a winner.

However you get hold of the movie, whenever you watch it, make sure to have tissues ready.

(As to why I chose a Halloween image for this post, you''ll have to watch the movie.)

More information:
Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

Lisa Heffernan -- you win! Check your email for instructions how to get your DVD.

2 chiming in:

Bonnie said...

This sounds like a tear-jerker...and everyone knows a good cry is necessary in order to truly appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Heffernan said...

I know what you mean. If i know something is going to be sad I feel like this should prepare me...never does.

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