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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Splat marks the spot

In theory, I was going to raise children who wouldn't be enthralled by guns.

And then my toddler son turned everything -- plastic spoons, a kid-size broom, his own finger -- into guns. It was clear early on that my husband and I were fighting a losing pacifist battle.

Said son is now 9, as sweet as can be, and still crazy about guns and war games. So when I had the chance for Reed to try out something the big boys enjoy (my husband's bachelor party involved controlled warfare back in the day), I knew it would make him supremely happy. And active.

Introducing JT SplatMaster, available in the Sporting Goods section of  your local WalMart and at
JT Splatmaster, ammo and goggles
From the SplatMaster website:
JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 9+ could easily cock, load, and fire. JT SplatMaster is a versatile product that can be played in your backyard – simply follow a few guidelines and rules, including always wearing JT Optix for eye protection, and you will have hours and hours of safe, outdoor fun.
Safety on -- er, in.
Reed and his friend could hardly contain themselves when they saw what was in the box JT SplatMaster sent me. It was quite a feat for me to go over safety and household rules before the boys got all locked and loaded. But I threatened them with chores if they were to get any paint in the house (though it is billed as non-toxic and resists staining), so they humored me.

Ready to duel?
And the carnage began. I didn't have safety goggle on so I had to duck inside until a break in the action.
Down but not out. The evidence of impact washed right off with water and an old towel.

I didn't even have to get into the trenches and STILL I'm a hero to my son. We give JT SplatMaster our thumbs up.

Follow JT Splatmaster on Facebook and on Twitter, @JTSplatMaster.

Disclosure: I received samples of this product for purposes of writing an honest review.

2 chiming in:

areyoukiddingme said...

I saw those...and I thought "Wouldn't that hurt?" What did the boys say about that?

Lavender Luz said...

Great question.

They said it hurt, but they were giggling when they said it. It's good to have the goggles, but I think the rest of the body can withstand the paintballs (with proper use).

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