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Friday, July 4, 2014

CarryGreen Jute Bags Review

I was sent a variety of plain jute bags by CarryGreen -- "green totes for green folks."

Lots of styles for lots of purposes

CarryGreen was so generous in the number of bags it sent that I was compelled to share the wealth. I brought the selection to an early summer gathering of my Vino Support Group, and asked my girlfriends to try out a bag for a bit and report back to me. Here are their comments, complete with our support group names.

Kabernet Katelyn: "Very excited to take my Jute bag on my long awaited beach vacation. It is a perfect beach bag, light and airy with sturdy handles. It is large enough to carry towels, sunscreen and sunglasses. It will pack easily into my suitcase and won't add any weight. Can't wait to take me and my bag to the beach."

Rosé the Riveter: "The bag was definitely cute and stylish, but the material was very scratchy and uncomfortable on summer skin. I would have used it as my summer backpack to keep sunscreen, book, and other essentials but the material really irritated my skin."

Tempranillo Tamara: "The bag is so versatile, yet its design does not classify itself. I can take it to sporting events, swimming pools and even tuck my change of clothing for after the wedding in to it because it is as classy or as casual as I want it to be. It is super sturdy, I don't see it tearing, ever! Even the handles are hearty. It sits upright without toppling over and taking its contents with it. I love this bag."

Juicy Jeannine: "I love the double wine bag!  It is perfect for a summer party to carry a red and white... Or skinny cocktail.  The inner pocket is great if the bag is a gift.  The perfect place to stash a birthday card, small gift, or wine opener"

Lambrusco Lori (that would be me): "The bag is nice and roomy, and I like the splash of color. I'm able to carry everything we need for a day at the pool -- snacks, a book, sunscreen, a towel, extra clothes."

If you're looking for a tote bag and you'd like it made from natural material, or if you'd like a promotional giveaway on which to display your company logo, check out CarryGreen.

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