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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Honest Tea: Tastes Good, Feels Good

Honest Tea sent my family a variety of drinks to try out, and we have loved each and every flavor.
For herbal teas, we tried:

My husband loved these for having under 100 calories per bottle, and for being refreshing and not too sweet.  There are 6 other iced tea flavors -- check them out.

The kids and I tried assorted Fizz products.
Each one of them tasted great (there is a slight Stevia aftertaste, in case you're sensitive to that) and I feel good that I'm giving my kids non-sugary organic products with zero calories and only natural sweeteners.

Not only are the products natural and organic, but all teas also use Fair Trade Certified Tea leaves.

My family and I give Honest Tea drinks our thumbs up, and I do so as well for the company and the way it conducts business. Tastes good, feels good -- try them yourself!

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